Monday, January 28, 2008

Moonbat Spotlight: Warren Kinsella

Above: Dorky old Liberal Fascist Warren Kinsella. He claims that hot-babe conservative, number-one Canadian blogger, Kate McMillan, below, has sent him emails inviting him to, well, have some unspecified sort of naughty fun with her when he visits Saskatchewan. Oh, really?

Nuh-uh. I don't think so. I've communicated with Kate via email and simply cannot imagine her doing as the Prince of Darkness accuses. Knowing Kate, at least from her blogging and from the occasional e-mail exchange re. blogosphere stuff and such, it's my judgement that it'd be highly unlikely for such a thing to happen, certainly with respect to a geeky old moonbat poophead like Kinsella. While not impossible, in my humble opinion, I'd predict Kate would rather roll naked in a big pile of dung than roll in the hay with that washed-up Leftwing geekazoid.

Besides, I once sent her a picture of myself just for the hell of it, just to say, "this is what I look like, eh?" and she didn't send me any "come-hither" emails whatsoever, even though, in my humble opinion, I'm cuter and more shagworthy than Warren. Besides, unlike Warren, I'm respectful of women, which is also in my favor.

In fact, I do believe that both Warren and myself are waaay out of the league of someone like Kate McMillan. I mean, compared to Kate, Warren and I are dweebs (Warren being the bigger dweeb, of course, plus he's a Leftist imbecile and an old fart, unlike me!)

I mean, Kate's not just hot, she's awesome. A master commercial artist. As smart as anyone could be. Most popular blogger in Canada. Biker babe, and a tough-as-nails one at that. Champion breeder of miniature schnauzers who always seem to win whenever entered in doggie-shows. Let me tell you, neither I nor Warren have a hope in heck of impressing a woman like Kate to the point of receiving "come-hither" emails from her.

I think Warren Kinsella's deluded, but, he, being a moonbat, naturally would be...

So... Warren Kinsella, if you're not lying and are not just trying to desperately make yourself look like a studmuffin (which, really, I doubt women would find you to be, save for bimbo moonbat ones and gold-diggers, of course), then...

Prove it. Publish the emails you claim exist.

Otherwise, Warren, you're just a lying Liberal Fascist. Oh, wait... you already are, but you're also a total dweebazoid clown if you cannot produce proof to back up your boasts of studmuffinhood. Putz! Laughingstock!