Thursday, January 10, 2008

Constitution Ignored in SWAT Raid on American Homeschooling Family

Story here. It's another of those big, shocking stories the mainstream media won't really tell the People about.

The Leftist-controlled state apparatus has again taken rights away from a law-abiding family in America.

It's quite shocking, this whole story, which isn't getting the mainstream media coverage it deserves.

Unless you're a member of some special, exalted minority group, such as illegal aliens, suspected Islamic terrorists, or some other kind of extremists belonging to a group favored by the Left, your rights can be taken away just like that, and the mother of the family said a SWAT officer told her that "rights are only in movies".

Ordinary, peaceful, law-abiding Americans obviously have a lot more to worry about than folks who actually break the law. When real wrongdoers are caught, the Leftist state apparatus springs to action... lawyers, the mainstream media, youth protesters, etc., they all go to bat for special folks accused of wrongdoing, but if you're an ordinary American citizen, if you're accused of something, the Leftist state apparatus won't care about you; they won't help you at all. And that's wrong, isn't it?

It seems that in America, just as in Germany, the Leftist state apparatus has a special hatred for homeschooling families, and the family in question here was one such family.

The Left is threatened by homeschooling, as when children are homeschooled, they won't be indoctrinated in the non-skills-related/non-knowledge-related, uncalled-for-to-be-"taught", Leftist dogmae of the day like other children. And this threatens the Left, obviously, as they obsessively seek to control the People and what they're allowed to know and think. Heaven forbid that the People should develop minds of their own; the Left can't stand the very concept! Imagine that: People using their own brains to understand reality as opposed to allowing the Left, via educational institutions and the mainstream media, to brainwash them into thinking that, for example, every Republican President is evil and all that hogwash!

Homeschooling isn't a crime; it's a right. But the Left doesn't like it. The Left seeks to discourage it via extreme tactics and will probably eventually ban it, as did Hitler in Germany (and that ban continues to this day, where German homeschooling families also have their rights taken away).