Monday, January 14, 2008

Ezra Promises To Appeal To Supreme Court If Necessary

Ezra Levant: True Canadian patriot and freedom fighter

Ezra Levant promises us that he'll take his fight all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary:

It's been a busy few days since my "human rights" interrogation on Friday afternoon. As of yesterday, the video clips I uploaded were viewed nearly 200,000 times, making them the 5th most watched "channel" on YouTube. I'd like to thank the blogosphere for covering a story that has been under-reported by the mainstream media, and I'd like to thank generous visitors for their financial support for our legal defence via PayPal.


I'm truly heartened by the moral support that I have received on the blogosphere, in my own blog's comments, via e-mail and even on the Facebook support group. I promise I will continue to fight this battle to the end, even if that means appealling it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.
It astonishes me to no end that the mainstream media stubbornly, callously, mean-spiritedly ignores Mr. Levant's valorous struggle for human rights in Canada. This is shameful! This refusal to tell the Canadian People about this man's fight for his and everyone's human rights is un-Canadian!
And the Left has exposed its true nature by attacking Mr. Levant rather than condemning the so-called "human rights" commission for taking away his and many, many other Canadians' rights.
The Left refuses to celebrate his fight to recover his rights and to protect ours from Liberal Fascism. How ungrateful of the Left! But that isn't a surprise, as they're also ungrateful to those who gave their lives for our rights and freedoms and those who continue to fall and to risk their lives today in Afghanistan in the fight against fascism in general.
The Left suddenly doesn't want to even talk about rights anymore! They don't say, "It's about rights, stupid!" nor "Human rights comes before absolutely anything and everything in the universe" and so on anymore.
For Ezra's continuing coverage of his battle, go to:
With glowing hearts we see thee rise
For the True North strong and free
Against Liberal Fascism!
True Canadian Patriot Ezra Levant
Stands on guard for thee!