Monday, January 04, 2010

'Peace Process' Fake, 'Play On Words': Rabbis

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The rabbinic leaders cited reports that after Hamas seized the Gaza Strip from the U.S.-backed Fatah organization, over $1 billion in weapons, munitions and U.S.-funded infrastructure was taken over by Hamas. They also cited a WND report quoting Gaza-based terrorist leaders stating they seized CIA security files stored at major Fatah compounds.

"The past 17 years have proven without a shadow of a doubt that every square inch ceded by Israel to the Palestinians was transformed into a platform of hatred and terrorism," Rabbi Avrohom Shmuel Lewin, RCP director, told Cunningham.

Sholom Gold, a leading rabbi in Jerusalem, commented the peace process is just "a play of words. There is no peace process."

Continued Gold: "From the day that we started conceding and withdrawing we did not have one day of rest and peace. Why should our enemies want to make peace with us when they see that with terrorism they get what they want?"
Of course, consistent with their nature, Leftists will dismiss this statement of blatantly-obvious fact and continue, nevertheless, to believe in their sacred dogma that the "Palestinians" are just an innocent, downtrodden, victimized-by-Israel-and-not-by-the-Islamic-World-and-the-Neo-Communist-World, people who only want peace.  Sheesh.  What do we expect from the Left, anyway, other than more of the same B.S. about the whole situation plus their politically-correct, crippling mental disorder of Jew-hatred-hidden-underneath-politically-correct-anti-Israel-discrimination?

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