Monday, January 04, 2010

Inside The Revolution

In Iran.

As a student dissident in Iran, Amir Fakhravar was jailed and tortured for his pro-democracy political activism. Since moving to the United States in 2006, he has continued to take part in Iran’s opposition movement. He serves as the secretary general of the Confederation of Iranian Students and the president of the Iranian Enterprise Institute. Last week, Fakhravar’s 18-year-old-brother, Arash, was arrested by the Iranian regime. After three days of absence, the Fakhravar family learned that Arash had been arrested, beaten up and taken to the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran, then placed in solitary confinement in an undisclosed location. Amir Fakhravar spoke to Front Page about his brother’s arrest, Iran’s growing “green revolution,” and the best strategy for ending the mullahs’ three-decade rule.
How is he working on freeing his brother and taking down the evil Regime?   Read about it.

I'd also highlight the following:

Fakhravar: What has happened is that something many thought was a small movement has become a revolution. After the summer election, the government tried to strike fear into the people, but millions came out into the streets in Iran’s major cities. After seven months, they are showing that they are not going to give up. The recent death of Ayatollah Montazeri was a good excuse for this new generation to oppose the government because he had fought [Ayatollah] Khomeini for twenty years. The latest demonstrations have taken place during the Ashura festival, which is a symbol of the Islamic Republic and Shiism. This is a sign that they want to get rid of the mullahs and they are not afraid anymore. [Politician and presidential challenger] Mir Hossein Mousavi has said it best: We are not leading these people. They are leading themselves.
"They are leading themselves".  Kind of like Iranian "teabaggers", as the Left would pejoratively call such folks who refuse to be oppressed and tyrannized by an arrogant regime who serves its own extreme agenda instead of The People.

Fakhravar: This movement doesn’t have a leader, but things like Facebook help. We use social media to help organize events inside Iran. For instance, we are planning a demonstration in February to coincide with the 31st anniversary of the Iranian revolution. Earlier this year, I was giving a speech before Congress and I said, “Iranians don’t want a war. All we need are cell phones, cameras and computers.” Some of the Senators laughed at that. But it has happened. We are close to a cyber revolution in Iran.
Hey!  How about that!  The Iranian People are a LOT more like us folks in the Free World that I thought!  They can't stand Islamic Supremacists and tyrannical socialism, either, and know how to bring down the regime without bloodshed (well, without the amount that would normally be expected, without the advantage of modern communications networks, that is, and how they can be used as devastating weapons against a bully regime and to bypass the existing Big Old Media).

Fakhravar: Most of the demonstrators are young – 70 percent are under the age of 35 – and they are not motivated by partisan politics. They are not communists or Marxists or monarchists; they are not involved with political parties and they don’t want to be. Via the internet, they know a lot about American culture – perhaps more than many people here – and they want the things it represents: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. They are secular and they want a country where Islam is kept separate from the government. A free, secular, democratic Iran – that is their dream.
No wonder the likes of the Mullahs and the Pipsqueak Ahmadinejad are always trying to demonize America.  Because when downtrodden Non-Free-World People learn the truth about America, it makes  their Non-Free-World regimes look horrible and makes them want to get rid of these regimes and bring to their nations what great things, ie. freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, to their nations.

Meanwhile, the American People are learning the truth about their own current regime and are also having a revolution of their own.  Fortunately, they have a way of removing the regime and its figurehead, in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Of couse, it's more complicated in Iran, as, after all, the "democracy" allowed by the Iranian regime is clearly a sham.  All that happens is going through the voting motions, and, regardless of how the People voted, the regime will simply declare itself "re-elected".  Nothing stopping them from doing that, so they do it.

And that's part of the reason why there's now a revolution in Iran... to reverse the previous revolution that brought Islamic Supremacism into the nation and imposed all that horrible crap onto the People against their will.

And, just like with the Leftist community organizers in America and their bashing of all things non-Leftist and non-Obamacrat-Agenda, the Iranian Regime organizes fake "demonstrations" to  create the illusion of popular support for it and its Agenda.

The Iranian Regime seems, actually, to have its own ACORN of sorts, and all that stuff the American Left has.

Hmm.  Now I'm beginning to see Obama as America's Ahmadinejad and George Soros et al as the American "mullahs" who really run things and whose directions Obama follows as if a puppet or as if a remote-control cyborg or something like that.  Similar setup and illusion between Iran and America, obviously.  Islam, socialism... very, very similar, actually.

And Mr. Fakhravar is also unimpressed with Obama, whom he says has no idea what to do about Iran.   He says that the Obama admininstration is doing the wrong things and is being unhelpful to the Iranian People.  I agree.  Kissing the evil ass of the Iranian Regime as it kills dissidents all day long is no good, and sends the wrong signals, obviously.  It's clearly wrong to appease evil regimes, as we saw when Chamberlain tried appeasing the Nazis, and as we see right now, today!

Mr. Fakhravar also tells us what he believes must be done to deal with the Regime.  Of course, the rest of the Axis of Evil is dead set against that, against sanctions that would actually materially devastate the Regime and take away the source of its power: money from oil and gas.

The Obamacrat Regime, if it doesn't want there to be a preemptive strike on Iran, then it must act immediately to cut off the source of the Iranian Regime's power.  Such sanctions must be devastating and cannot be symbolic.  They must materially devastate the Regime.  And the Obamacrats must tell the United Nations, especially Russia and China, to go to fecking hell because they're not helping at all.

The way Iran's being treated by the Free World, ie. with appeasement, is only going to lead to catastrophe, just as did the appeasement of the Nazis.  And such catastrophe will make Al Gore's imaginary "climate catastrophe" seem like mere spring showers.

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