Saturday, January 09, 2010

Obama On 'Extreme Left-Wing Crusade': McCain

No more benefit of the doubt for Obama from John McCain.

McCain gave Obama every opportunity to prove that he's a rational, reasonable, moderate man, and not the extremist he's been "made out" to be.

Obama, indubitably self-demonstrated to be a Left-Wing Extremist, has already conclusively proven that he's hellbent on bankrupting America.  Hell, the majority of Americans already realize this.  Y'know, the folks Obama childishly pejorates as "teabaggers" and "extremists".
"President Obama is leading an extreme left-wing crusade to bankrupt America,'' McCain says in one of the radio ads his campaign is airing, the Chicago Tribune reports. “I stand in his way every day. "If I get a bruise or two knocking some sense into heads in Washington, so be it.''
Pass it on every way y'all can, folks.  Obama's a Left-Wing Extremist!

Also: Is bankrupting America not the end, but rather a means to an end, for Obama the Left-Wing Extremist?


glasnost said...

Also: Is bankrupting America not the end, but rather a means to an end, for Obama the Left-Wing Extremist?

OK I'll bite; it's a means to an end. That ultimate end - Utopia. And BTW, everyone surely wants to go there, right?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Utopia is a myth, impossible.

If it was possible, we'd be there already, of course.

But look at where the attempt to get us there has actually gotten us!

And the Left still believes it's possible.

That's another piece of proof that Leftists are dumb and mentally-disordered. Reminds me of some of the kids surrounding me in the primary grades, who would stare up at the teacher, mouths silently agape, believing whatever they were told... Hmm. Pretty much how Leftist adults watch the news, actually, or how they pay attention to the "humanities and social sciences" professors...

Anonymous said...

The previous American administration expanded government programs while substantially cutting off sources of government income. And then there was the cost of the wars. That got the ball rolling. Now there is the recession, which reduces income and increases expenses. America was burdened further with the need to bail-out the financial institutions (a move both Republican and Democratic administrations basically agreed on). The governments in most countries, America included responded to the deteriorating economic conditions with a fiscal stimulus. When you add this all up, you get a substantial deficit. Some of the deficit is temporary (bad conditions, stimulus, the wars). Some of it is going to require policy changes (probably higher taxes). Arguing that Obama is trying to ‘bankrupt’ the country is absurd; the deficit started a long time ago. The US has not been a model of fiscal discipline for years.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, hi, Na.

Feeling blissful tonight, eh?

Anonymous said...

CS, as a Canadian you know the following things:
1. Even countries with a recent history of fiscal discipline (like Canada) are running deficits in this economy
2. Even developed countries with conservative governments (like Canada) are engaging in fiscal stimulus to counter-act the recession
3. Even countries with extensive public health-care systems (like Canada) are able to run a balanced budget in normal economic conditions

So when John McCain and other pols start talking about bankruptcy, you know that governments with large public healthcare systems can still balance budgets and stimulus is the norm for all governments in periods of economic downturn. You know this simply by being a citizen of Canada who pays some attention to politics. I also expect you to know that some of America’s deficit problems pre-dated the present administration.

Given that you know all the things listed above it’s odd that you can still write things like this” “Is bankrupting America not the end, but rather a means to an end, for Obama the Left-Wing Extremist?” You’re either a comedian or completely detached from empirical reality. Or perhaps you’re simply not Canadian at all.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Apparently you haven't enough evidence, so you find it easy to say what you just said.

There's more to the picture than you seem to realize.

To believe that the Obamacrats are competent as opposed to reckless at the very least, you obviously are without sufficient observation and analysis of what's going on.

Not knowing who you are and not knowing how much you know, it's difficult for me to decide whether you're a spinner or whether you just haven't been observing/scrutinizing events closely and broadly enough.

I can assure you I'm not detached from empirical reality. The stuff you pointed out, I know full well, but thanks anyway.

There's more, more, more. Perhaps you just don't have time to get informed the hard way.

Perhaps you need to perform further analysis, too.

Anonymous said...

Your response is that the current US administration is reckless? Look, I wasn’t asleep during the last decade. As such, I watched the American fiscal position deteriorate. They expanded medical benefits, launched a few wars, AND passed a massive tax cut. That’ll leave a hole in the budget. Was that reckless? In my opinion, some of it was. Certain war costs were unavoidable, but increasing spending while cutting revenues was pretty damned short-sighted.

What, specifically, has been reckless in this administration? Because none of it holds a candle to what happened last decade. Maybe you just feel like this administration is more reckless, evidence be damned. This would explain how you can ignore economic history.

na (as was the last one; forgot to sign)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Not the "last decade".

We're talking about the trillions in worthless deficit spending which have been heaped on top of that... TRILLIONS OVER AND ABOVE THAT... NOT MERE BILLIONS! It's all pork, and ideological crap. All worthless trillions just being burned in massive bonfires! These people don't give a shit!

Get a clue.

They're spending America into bankruptcy. Where's the "stimulus"? Where's the worthy projects, like infrastructure? It's all bullshit!



Get a clue. Can't you see that America's already bankrupt?

How the hell will they ever deal with that debt? Who's going to lend them the money to keep operating? They'll have to hike taxes big-time, and destroy any naturally-occuring recovery. AND THEY KNOW THIS... THEY FECKING WELL KNOW THIS, AND CHOOSE TO DO THIS!

Why won't you open your eyes and mind to their real agenda?
Because the truth is unbelievable until it manifests itself as predicted. Just wait...

Pity you don't use your brain harder to look at what's happening and see it for what it apparently is.

Where's the stimulus? WHAT STIMULATORY PURPOSES ARE BEING ADDRESSED? INFRASTRUCTURE? Or nothing but Hard-Left pork bullshit?

Where's your common sense? Common sense that if you overspend that much beyond your ever-shrinking means, and amidst ever-skyrocketing expenses (how about those illegals being a burden, and about to be made citizens, millions of them, and millions more no doubt will be pouring in and collecting welfare and free healthcare and so on and so forth?) you're screwed, whether you're a person or a whole country.

Your economic illiteracy pains me so.