Saturday, January 09, 2010

Big Hard Left Stink Over Nothing

Heh.  The Hard Left and the Big Old Media are all a-flutter and unhinged in their moonbattery over nothing... again.

They wouldn't make such a big stink if a Liberal, a NDPer or a US Democratic president had decided to offer the Opposition a two-month extension to the Christmas break, to which they agreed!

Reader Orville H. reminds us that Parliamentary leaders (the government only has a minority, mind y'all!) had to consent to the proroguation (as opposed to having it "dictated" to them, as the Big Old Media wrongly, disingenuously implies so much right now), as well as members of the Big Old Media, via e-mail:
It isn't a surprise that a majority of the people on Face Book are talking of immediate return to parliament by the MP's. They are obviously ignorant of the fact that all party leaders had agreed that they wouldn't return till Jan. 25 and there never was a question about them sitting now, so I suspect the Face Book people have a problem with all MP's.
Heh.  FaceBook Leftists.  Astroturfin', teabaggin', mobster, violence-minded, extremist, swastika-displayin', all-racist, hatin' a white man in 24 Sussex Drive, "community"-organized freakazoid moonbats told to join FaceBook and bash PM Harper and the Tories.  How predictable.  Guess they're now afraid to show their gas-mask-hidden faces on the streets now that their whole scam of "demonstrations" has been demonstrated as, well, an Astroturfin' teabaggin' "community"-organized scam, almost entirely unrepresentative of Mainstream Canadiana.

Of course, suddenly, Canadians, shockingly, are aware (Wtf?!  They're suddenly aware of what's happening in Canadian politics?!  How incredibly odd and unusual for such busy, generally-not-paying-attention folks to be aware!) for the simple reason that the BIG OLD MEDIA HAS BEEN MAKING A BIG STINK TOP AND BOTTOM OF EACH HOUR EVERY DAY FOR DAYS!

If the Big Old Media had told us all day long for months about the shocking, historical exposure of the "Human Rights Commission" scam that's been going on for decades, then Mainstream Canadiana would know and would be indicating they want the HRCs abolished and the human-rights-trampling fascists within brought to justice for their abuses of Charter rights and freedoms!  But the Big Old Media was all Three Monkeys.  All see-hear-speak-no-evil.  So only the folks who have been paying attention in the right places online were aware, not the folks who depend on the papers, CBC, CTV, etc., for their "news".

Unlike their appalling cover-up of the HRC scandal, and unlike the US-Canada Big Old Media coverup of the scandals surrounding Obama, ACORN, CAIR, the Obama-appointed Hard-Left Extremist "Czars", etc... the Big Old Media is suddenly pretty much talking about nothing but the supposed "dictatorial behavior" of PM Harper and the Tories.  Sheesh.  What difference will it make at all that the MPs will take a couple months off, WITH THEIR LEADERS' CONSENT?

I don't recall the Hard Left and the Big Old Media making a big stink over when the Liberals under the Merciless Chretien used to screw around with Parliament, needing only the consent of their own mercilessly-whipped MPs (they always had a majority, a gift borne of a temporarily fractured, vote-splitting non-leftist opposition).

Neither does Rex Murphy, in his article Crocodile Tears for the Dignity of Parliament.

Mr. Murphy reminds us of what the Liberals did to thumb their noses at Parliament.

He mentions the time Chretien called an election to terminate an entire Parliament (not just a session for a couple of months!) unilaterally to call an election simply for the purpose of destroying the just-elected-leader of the Canadian Alliance Stockwell Day, and returning with another majority, with the whole election a colossal waste of time and taxpayer money (and during which Liberal hitman Warren Kinsella gleefully, hatefully commited the human-rights crime of mocking someone's Pentecostal religious beliefs on live national TV for partisan political purposes, something he, a big-pussy hit-and-run-and-sue-everybody-for-saying-hey bully, would never, ever do to a Muslim political opponent!).

Mr. Murphy reminds us of the scandalous, fatal torture of Somalia's Shidane Arone.  On the Liberals' watch.  And he reminds us that the Chretien Liberal Reich terminated the judicial inquiry just like that... apparently because it was getting too close to hurting the Liberals themselves!  I don't recall much of a massive outcry in the Big Old Media and amongst the Hard Left regarding that.
That searing inquiry into Arone's brutal death was called off by straight fiat of the Chretien government -- stopped in its tracks -- because (according to one newspaper account at the time) it "regularly unearthed incidents embarrassing to the Liberals." Harper's prorogation has, by contrast, interrupted or temporarily stayed the parliamentary investigation into the current controversy. This is not something he can or should boast about -- but neither is it as "final" as the previous, full termination in the somewhat parallel case.
Big difference between outright, unilateral, permanent termination on the Liberals' part and, on the Tories part, mere temporary delay.

The Liberals hid the truth completely, permanently.  The Tories are not doing that at all.  Big difference.

Granted, Harper and the Tories aren't perfect.  No leader, no party, no government ever has been, is, and ever will be.  But there's no doubt that the Liberals are already self-demonstrated to be the worst.  And yet they want Canadians to believe that they're better?  Sheesh!  Ah... all the more reason to remind Canadians of how much worse the Liberals always have been, and always will be, as long as the party continues to be controlled by the same old Rich Men Behind the Red Curtain.
So if the opposition wants to jam Stephen Harper for terminating this session of Parliament, they should content themselves with simply naming what he has done: He has seen an advantage to ending this session now, and for tactical and partisan reasons he has acted to end it. He has played the mirror to their own practice.

A larger politician would not have done so. A politician with a deeper regard for Parliament than Mr. Harper has, would not have done so. Respect for Parliament, however, is not a standard either party has earned the right to raise. In the current debate, it is merely a tattered flag of convenience for them both.

So, while the Harper Tories can hardly cast the first stone themselves, it behooves the Big Old Media and the Hard Leftists screwing around on FaceBook to admit that the Liberals are the worse party, and that we must maintain this perspective.  But don't hold your breath, for the Hard Left and Big Old Media are also, like the Liberals, worse than the Harper Tories, so Mainstream Canadiana should be watching the whole thing with this perspective and using their rational, fact-and-history-enlightened brains.

Maybe the Hard Left should consider voting NDP, eh.  Oh, wait!  Please don't!  Because Mainstream Canadiana would crucify any party that brings in Communism as we're witnessing the American Obamacrats doing so against the wishes of Mainstream Americana (whom the Hateful Hard Left and Big Old Media love to pejorate with the homosexually-saturated vulgar slur "teabaggers").

So we must remember who's the worse party (Liberals) and who's the not-that-bad-and-still-doing-a-good-job-anyway-overall-with-a-minority-of-the-MPs party (Conservatives).


Jen said...

Now you know why terrorist and criminals like the lefties and their media. Is because as you said the lefties are 'very predictable'.
They hate the prime minister so much for giving them extra days off. two wks.
The lefties have disgraced themselves both here and abroad-by bashing the very 'bread and butter' of the nation "oil sands'

They have no pride no respect; no love; no regards for this country. Their daily chants and wails for the rights of terrorist detainees who most probably murdered innocent afghans civilians speaks for itself.

As mps you do not protray yourself nor do you rally with terrorist groups, your job as an mp sworn to protect is to stand by this nation and her citizens against terrorists and criminals.
Unfortunately, the lust for power is greater and they will do anything even surrender their own country to terrorist groups to do as they wish.
I pray that God will help and guide our prime minister and our nation through the turmoil we face and will face in the future.
The PM is so hated by the media that they will do anything snything to get rid of him even if is to bring down our nation as well.

I am not kidding CS, the writings in on the wall.

If OBAMA was caught rallying down the street with HAMAS like Layton did against Israel, or he supported wine and dine with tamil-ltte-tiger or attended a vigil for a tamil ltte tiger terrorist leader like nine liberal mps did or adorn him and supported the Hezbollah instead of his own like the liberals did. Every newspaper around the globe and FOX will drum this daily to the american people and before OBAMA even blinks an eye, he is impeach disgrace and thrown out of the WHITE HOUSE by the public themselves.
Unfortunately, in canada the opposition parties with the silence from the national media manage to escape the venom from the public. THANKS TO THE MEDIA FOR COVERING UP THE NEWS FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

The National Media 'IS DEAD' to us canadians.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah, but to the Left, the message of the Big Old Media is pretty much the Word of their "God", which is Leftism.

Looks like the Big Old Media forced out another tell-it-like-it-is journalist. The G&M pushed Rex Murphy out just because he dared to question "global warming" and point out that it's not happening, etc. Oh, my, what blasphemy, they must've thought, so they tried to demote him from Saturday's paper to Monday's. So he absconded to the Post.

Rex Murphy is just one of a long line of honest journalists to leave the Leftist Media and go to where the People's attention is directed. Let's see. There's John Stoffel. There's Lou Dobbs. And others...

Rex Murphy is one of the rare bright spots, and one of the only examples of value-for-our-tax-dollars, at the CBC. If he's still with the CBC, betcha they'll force him out for telling the inconvenient truth.

Kez Creates said...

Lol this TOTALLY reminds me of work the other day. My usually non-politically-caring coworker uttered with contempt that she 'can't believe' parliament is prorogued until after the Olympics. I looked at her and said "What difference does it make exactly?". I asked in a very neutral tone, actually my dumb blonde voice that disarms people and they have no idea what I'm really trying to do (lol)... Her response was a completely blank stare. She had no clue what difference it made at all. She couldn't even conjure up the possible argument that we pay their wages with our tax dollars, so they should darn well get their butts to work. Nothing came out of her mouth at all.

So I know she saw something on the news or heard someone else talking, and she just reiterated the 'talking point' without having a single clue what it even meant. That kind of thing highly annoys me. If she had made at least one attempt of coming up with a reason, then I would know she at least thought about it. But no, just blank stare and then gaping mouth and maybe even some drool... not sure cos I turned back to doing my job and didn't waste more time on the 'discussion'.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I know what you mean, Kez. I know soooo many folks like that. They're dependent on their ears for information about the world around them, and they don't bother to ask "why" when they hear stuff... they just believe whatever they hear. And they don't bother to think about it, don't come up with questions. They don't seek to find out "why is that?". This is why your co-worker couldn't answer your question. She had no idea whatsoever... she just parroted what she'd heard, just for the sake of making small talk. Brainless small talk, perhaps to avoid one of those moments when nobody can think of anything to say.

This brainlessness is what the Leftist propagandists count on. It's what Hitler counted on, with the Big Lie propaganda campaign. It's what the "Palestinian" propagandists count on when they spread lies about Israel.

It's what the Big Old Media is doing right now. They're furiously propagating the idea that the government has done something horrible and unprecedented, when, really, it's nothing unusual and nothing to worry about, as, after all, it really won't make much difference anyway, just a couple of months' extra break.

Leftists are generally people who fall for the Big Old Media's party line. Whatever they've heard from that, plus from their friends, etc., they believe must be true, particularly when they hear the same thing over and over again. They figure that just keeping their ears open is a substitute for actively looking at, examining, etc., the world around them, gathering evidence and so on, and analysing it so as to understand it all.

In other words, people who depend on their ears without using their brains are effectively brainwashed with whatever messages have been put out there and repeated via various sources.

So many folks out there believing they "know" stuff, but when asked about why that stuff is as it's supposed to be, they suddenly realize how ignorant they actually are. Funny, that.

This is how many folks came to believe that there must've been something awful about Sarah Palin, without knowing what. Even if they say, for example, that Palin is "a quitter" 'cause she resigned as governor, they can't explain how that makes her a worse choice for President than Obama; they just assume it does, just 'cause lots of folks say so.

Kez Creates said...

Like when my bf's coworker said Pres Obama was doing a 'good job' last summer? When my bf asked her why, what's he done - she said nothing. Not a single word. He said 'well, if he is doing a good job, what did he do?' and she said that he is a good speaker. That's all she could come up with. He said lots of people are good speakers but that is nothing to do with being a good president and she ignored him and now refuses to speak to him at work lol.