Thursday, October 01, 2009

She's So Spoiled

Can you believe this woman?

So... It's a "sacrifice" to take separate Air Force Ones (one for Barry, one for herself) to Europe to schmooze with elite bigwigs at posh cocktail parties and whatnot.

Yeah, right. Perhaps it is, if she was unable to take all of her twenty-two servants along (it's highly abnormal for a First Lady to have any more than one or two personal aides!)... What's that mean, that it's a "sacrifice" to have to wipe her own ass for a change?

Some "sacrifice".

It shows the warped, spoiled mentality of a "progressive" neo-communist. All part of being a leftist. No matter how fortunate one becomes, to give up anything at all, for a couple of days, or to do something a little less super-hedonist and lazy than usual, will be deemed a "sacrifice".

When the First Lady gig is over, Michelle is going to suffer the agonizing pain of withdrawal, no doubt. Kind of like when folks like Britney Spears have to go for any period of time without constant, drooling adulation and brainless worship being shoved at her... Yup, I can see it now, Michelle, the ex-First Lady, going absolutely nuts from withdrawal from such glorious delusions of grandeur and other-peoples'-confiscated-money-financed ultra-hedonist living... At least maybe Britney and Michelle can then start a support group for folks who fell ungracefully from their Icarian flight...