Monday, October 05, 2009

Obama Regime Forced Banks To Take Bailout

Reeks of Nationalsozialistische.

The Nazis also bullied the private sector, much like this! "Right-wing", my hairy ass.

Barofsky’s report, released Monday, examines the circumstances under which the government selected the initial nine participants of its Capital Purchase Program (CPP) bailout. The report found that the government picked the banks because of their size and involvement in the U.S. financial system, not because they needed the money or not.

The inspector general’s report also found that federal officials, including then-Secretary Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and current-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner all viewed the plan as an offer the banks could not refuse.

“Officials at Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and other federal regulators felt strongly that the nine institutions should not be permitted to reject the government’s capital infusions,” the report says.

Forced Nationalsozialistische. That's some of what Obama was talking about when he spoke of "change". Guy's a rabid, jumpin' national socialist!

Nationalsozialistische is as Nationalsozialistische does!