Thursday, October 01, 2009

No Wonder There's So Many Hateful 'Palestinians'

A screengrab shows a bear on a Hamas TV show, the bear calls for the slaughter of jews.

Above: An example of the hate propaganda to which "Palestinian" children are exposed.

Story here.

They're like a whole geopolitical area of folks, comparable to, say, a white supremacist community in which children are brainwashed in a similar manner to hate those who are not like them.

It's the truth. No denying it, at least not while being open-eyed, open-minded and honest with oneself and others.

Of course, political correctness demands we pretend it's not so. Like the Big Old Approved NewsMedia pretends it's not so.

A Palestinian children's program is using a bear puppet that talks about "slaughtering" Jews, according to the Israeli watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch.

The character on Hamas TV is the latest in a series of puppets and cartoons used by the weekly show Tomorrow's Pioneers to promote anti-Semitism and incite violence, said media watch director Itamar Marcus.

The show, which started in 2007, became popular in the Arab world when it began to feature a Mickey Mouse-type character, he said.

"This Mickey Mouse character was teaching killing and murder and slaughter and destruction of Jews. In fact, he was also teaching conquest of the West as well," Mr. Marcus said.

Shocking truth for those who have been brainwashed into believing that "Palestinians"are "victims" and not the insanely, evilly, supremacistically hateful aggressors.

"All the adult messages of ‘It's good to die for Allah; it's good to fight the West; we are going to conquer the West; it's important to kill the Jews,' all these adult messages that often come through religious leaders and political leaders, the kids are getting through these cartoon and gigantic puppet characters," Mr. Marcus said.

How's this any different from Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels's anti-Jew mass-brainwashing machine?

Further... what's the difference, in terms of what kind of people the Germans were under Hitler's terrible Nazi regime and what kind of people the "Palestinians" are under the terrible pseudo-regime of Hamas/Fatah(PLO)/"Palestinian Authority"? I can't think of any difference, either, for I see them as pretty much the same kind of people: hateful and murderous towards Jews just because they're Jewish.

Of course, there will always be folks everywhere who are able to think for themselves and to resist the brainwashing and big lies, and Germany under the Third Reich and "Palestine" today are no exception. Of course, those who do think for themselves and reject the propaganda know that they must be careful not to let the "authorities" and others know that they're not onside, else they'll be exectuted in public and made an example for others.