Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Limbaugh On Legal Warpath Against His Far-Left Defamers

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Rush Limbaugh is considering suing all the far-left fools who maliciously, falsely attributed an imaginary, hoaxical, "pro-slavery" quotation to him.

He's fighting back against the demagoguery of the far left. He's not going to let them continue to get away with spewing malicious, injurious lies against himself and other non-leftist folks.

What we're witnessing, folks, is a vast, left-wing, groupthink movement to maliciously, viciously defame Mr. Limbaugh for no reason other than he's inconvenient to the terrible Obamacrat Regime.

The Goebbelian Obamacrat Attack Machine is operating at redline.

(...) he's disappointed that "otherwise responsible journalists are believing a bunch of garbage."

Of course, most of the reporters in the Big Old Media are NOT "responsible journalists"! They're nothing but Obamacrat propaganda-runners! We KNOW this!

What's happening is that the Obama "Fight the Smears" people are smearing Rush Limbaugh with big lies.

Rush is fighting their smears.

At least the "smears" against Obama are founded upon proven, and always-verifiable-if-you-have-the-inclination, fact!

The worthless Wikipedia, which is editable by anyone with whatever dishonest, malicious, illegal agenda, is in big trouble for its part in this incredible, shameful, far-left-operated defamation scandal. Wikipedia is sweating bullets as we speak.

"And these are the people that tell us that they are the professionals, that they're the ones we should trust to weed out what's garbage and what's not garbage in the sewer they say that is the Internet? They are the sewer," he said. "They are the sewer, and they are in the midst of it. They are waste, and they are promulgating waste all over the place."

Limbaugh accused the media of repeating fabricated statements because "it fits their already prejudiced agenda."

He is demanding that each of the media outlets produce the source of the alleged quotes and explain where they got them, or produce a retraction and apology.

"They ought to be ashamed of themselves, to call themselves professionals," he said. "They're nothing but hacks. ... These people are scum. They are literally professional scum, and they're responsible in many ways for the deteriorating standards and quality of journalism."

You know, if some asshole blogger had attributed the exact same quotation to Obama, the Big Old Media wouldn't take it seriously, and would only report Obama's statement that it's "vile, racist garbage by right-wing extremists out to make him fail".

But the Big Old Media obviously wants the People to believe that Rush Limbaugh, the thorn in the Obamacrat Regime's side, is some kind of racist monster, which he obviously is not.

Again the Big Old Media proves its bias and maliciousness. And its unworthiness of being paid any attention.

No wonder millions of folks have defected from watching the Big Old Media to watching the fair, balanced and accurate FOX News, which only reports the verifiable truth (and which the Obamacrat Regime is attacking as we speak).

The following picture is best representative of those far-left, Obama-loving fools, including the malicious assholes in the Big Old Media, who are spreading big lies against Rush Limbaugh and others who dare to speak up and declare that they oppose the Regime:

That's Josef Goebbels, Hitler's Propaganda Minister and chief architect of the Big Lie campaign against the Jewish People. Goebbels would be impressed with the Obamacrat Regime and its propaganda mouthpiece, the Big Old Media's own Big Lie campaign against those who oppose the Regime.