Sunday, October 04, 2009

Left-Wing Hypocrisy Examined

Story here.

Not any kind of an epiphany to us normal, open-eyed, open-minded, using-our-brains-all-the-time folks, but the lazy-brained "progressives" need to look at themselves and their ilk critically.

Most, of course, won't, or will, and then will lapse deeply into denial, yet again calling us "liars", "racists", "mobsters", "teabaggers", etc., etc... in an attempt to divert attention away from them and to convince themselves that they've done nothing wrong.

As SDA guest poster "EBD" summarized...

Oh well. When anti-capitalist/anti-Bush protesters were expressing their views, it was just pure, sweet, gentle, fun for the whole family, and all for a good cause. It's an entirely different and more ominous spectre, obviously, when the policies of a crypto-communist are being opposed by peaceful, utterly non-radical, middle-American taxpayers.

Be sure to watch the hypocritical Pelosi in action.

Indeed. Hypocrites.

The Leftists are the hateful, scary, dangerous folks. Normal folks, when they protest, are peaceful in contrast.

We know this. The Leftists are violent, and when not, are threatening, at least in subtle-incitement terms, whereas we saw that the Tea Party folks are not.