Monday, October 05, 2009

Judge Rejects Demand To Dismiss Re Obama Eligibility Case

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A federal judge in California today listened to government lawyers argue that a lawsuit over President Obama's eligibility should be immediately dismissed but refused to grant their request, saying he would make his decision and announce it later.


They are suing Obama alleging he is not eligible to be president under the U.S. Constitution's requirement for a "natural born" citizen in the Oval Office. Forty-six of the plaintiffs are represented by Taitz, who has worked on a multitude of lawsuits over Obama's eligibility, and two – Drake and Robinson – are represented by Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation.

The judge wasn't impressed with the Obama side's arguments, finding that they provided no answers to questions the judge asked of them.

Get a load of the Obama side's preposterous, unsubstantiated "arguments". They seem to me to be desperate claims, reminding me of the "arguments" of a certain mischievous left-wing troll who spectacularly failed to make any case, either. The Obama side's "arguments" reek of pure, fresh carnivore excrement.

I have a feeling that this case is definitely going somewhere. I believe that this judge might very well be one of those rare, scrupulous, truly independent judges who takes his job with the utmost of seriousness and is determined to do it properly.

Kreep has requested immediate access to Obama's records, such as his original long-form birth certificate and his Occidental College records. The plaintiffs' suspicion is that those records would undermine the president's statements that he is a "natural born" citizen, which could disqualify him. For example, an original birth certificate could indicate it was a "delayed" filing, which could open the door for a birth location outside the United States.

Likewise, the Occidental College records could be significant if Obama attended on a program for foreign students or represented himself as a foreign student at the time.

Remember, the only relevant question is: Did Obama prove, and to whom, and when, that he was indeed born on American soil, to two American citizens (the latter condition has been demonstrated, actually, to not be the case), as required by the US Constitution for anyone to be eligible to be President?

Never mind the other stuff some folks are babbling about. They're just speculating about irrelevant stuff and needn't be paid attention. Focus only on whether Obama proved he was born on American soil or not. So far, no one has offered valid evidence that Obama ever made such proof.