Sunday, October 04, 2009

Democrat Judge In Deep Doody For Leniency-For-Sodomy

You do realize that judges can be and frequently are corrupt, don't you?

Like this one.

Hoo-boy! This is one nasty judge!

And, predictably, there are accusations of "racism" against his accusers, but the inconvenient truth for those race-card-players is that, like the judge, all of his victims are black. But that doesn't stop the racist NAACP, nor the judge's lawyer, from playing the card as a matter of common leftist practice.

Looks like the only chance this obviously dirty judge has is the playing of the race card to the max.

If it was a white judge, too bad this card isn't available to be played, eh!

The broader significance? No one should assume that any particular judge is necessarily scrupulous and law-abiding, that they're not corrupt, that they're not taking their cue from someone else. Of course judges can and do rule according to their, or to others' ideology, and become judicial activists, which we know to be a rampant problem in the Free World. It's only when they're caught trading leniency for sodomy, or something else easily provable, that they're indicted for being crooked on the bench.

In short, if a judge can offer leniency for a b.j. and a b.f., then surely a judge can rule, not according to the facts, not according to the law, can ignore the Constitution, etc., and just rule as the hard left or whomever wants them to rule.

And they get away with it very easily.

What's stopping them? Who's going to question their rulings, if they're the Supreme Court judges? Who's going to deal with appeals to rulings by the Supreme Court, if the ruling is apparently wrong? Oh, my... now they've got Sonia Sotomayor, the racist, sexist judge, who would never have been confirmed, had she been a Republican.