Sunday, October 04, 2009

Controversy Over 'Gay Parents' Being Allegedly Better Or No Worse

Just happened to catch this "documentary" on Global, which alluded to a pro-homosexual-parentage "researcher" claiming to have done a study that allegedly showed that homosexual parents are supposedly better than heterosexual ones. Naturally, I'm skeptical and am taking such a claim with a grain of salt. After all, anyone can claim they've done a study and can claim to have made such and such a conclusion based on the claimed study. Even if there's documentation that would suggest that indeed a study was done, there's no telling whether it's all a fraud or whatever, like the IPCC's own fraud, which has already been debunked (not that the Big Media mentioned that).

Now I see, as evidence that could be used to counter the above-mentioned, claimed "evidence", this report.

(...) massive study conducted by homosexual researchers at the University of California.

"The preponderance of studies shows that girls raised by lesbian so-called 'parents' are more sexually adventurous or less chaste. They're more likely to experiment and try lesbianism to self-identify as lesbians," Barber notes. "[And] boys raised by homosexual men have a fluid concept of gender roles and are more likely to engage in the homosexual lifestyle."

And that, he explains, brings along with it the consequences of the lifestyle -- such as a higher incidence of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and shorter life spans.

Link to the study? Well, the "documentary" I saw didn't provide a link, either, so, my blog post is as valuable and valid as that "documentary".

Well, one doesn't even need a study to figure this stuff out.

Normalizing something to kids from birth has the inevitable effect of causing them to think, "hey, it's ok to do this, ok to do that...", so they're more likely to "experiment" with things they likely wouldn't have otherwise, if raised by a traditional opposite sex JudeoChristian-values promoting family.

Unfortunately, the homosexual community is full of folks who engage in various unsafe behaviors and who may pass them on, via example, to their children, if any. Of course, not all homosexuals are like this, but a LOT are. In fact, I've seen statistics that demonstrate that the incidence of dangerous behaviors in the homosexual community is far, far higher than that of the heterosexual community. One only need explore stats available online via a Google search.

It's a question of childrens' safety. And about the future of society. The more children who are exposed to the "normalization" of harmful practices and lifestyles, the worse off the society will be in the future.

It's just like the liberalization of divorce and its consequences, and the promotion of and financial rewarding of single motherhood as a desirable choice, and its leading to many of society's problems.

Statistics are available via a Google search... if you know what you're doing.

There's nothing calling for the promotion of homosexuality, to children, at all.

Just because it's not a crime doesn't mean that it's something we must promote and encourage young children to consider experimenting with.

You just KNOW that the more it's marketed to children as acceptable and something they may have been born with (unproven), the more children will end up in that lifestyle. Common sense.

Let's not just consider whether individuals are good or not-so-good as parents.

Let's consider the needs of the children and of society as a whole.

After all, traditional opposite sex marriage was created long, long ago precisely because it's known beyond all reasonable doubt to be the single best form of environment for childraising. Just because there have been examples of bad parents doesn't change this fact, nor does it mean that any other form of "family" structure should be promoted and financially rewarded.

It's not about the parents, be they straight or gay; not at all.

It's about the children and about society. The health of children and of society is the primary consideration, not the desires of the parents, whoever they are.

And we can't let emotion cloud our judgements, either. Focus on the children and the society.