Monday, October 05, 2009

China Shows Dangerous Colors Again

...with its standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the belligerent, malevolent, paranoid, war-obsessed, unstable gunpowderkeg of North Korea.

Story here.

Realtionship a "boon to peace"? Yeah, sure, between those two evil nations. To the world... nope.

Why, after all, is China amassing its military might at Hitlerian speed, even though the Free World's own military forces are in deliberate decline? If we're not a threat to them, and they can see this, then why the breakneck-pace of buildup, along with that of Axis comrades Russia, Iran, Venezuela...?

It's clear who's the party (the Axis) who has non-peaceful intentions. Just as it was clear (to Churchill) that the Nazis had non-peaceful intentions, apparent from their own pre-WWII activities.

Unfortunately, currently the Free World is led mostly by latter-day Chamberlains, particularly in America. Canada is an interesting case, whereas she has a relatively too-small military still struggling to modernize and re-equip, though her current national leadership can obviously be counted on to haul ass big-time again if the critical need arise, as before... But I certainly would like to see Canada have a more appropriately-sized and -constituted military ready to immediately pull her full potential weight in case of a new World War, which we must necessarily assume to be a foregone conclusion... just to be safe rather than sorry and enslaved/dead or converted to an evil ideology we don't want. And Canada must assert its right to have the nuclear deterrent. Why be so ludicrously naive and believe no one would try to take over Canada? Why be ludicrously naive and believe that Obama would necessarily defend us if one of his Axis buddies invaded us? Personally, I don't trust Obama, and the reasons for this are manifold.