Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anti-America Landlord Censors All US Flags

"Someone might get offended".

ht: Drudge Report

Tenants are forbidden to display the flag in the window. And on the motorcycle or the car in the apartment building's parking lot.

What kind of anti-American asshole is this landlord?

ALBANY, Ore. - At the Oaks Apartments in Albany, the management can fly their own flag advertising one and two bedroom apartments - but residents have been told they can't fly any flags at all.

Ah. Oaks Apartments, Albany, Oregon. Pass it on: The landlord hates America!

Even long-time residents like Sharron White, who has flown a flag on her car for eight years, has been told to take it down.

White said management told her that "someone might get offended."


Resident we talked to who had been approached to take down their flags all told us the same thing: that management told them the flags could be offensive because they live in a diverse community.

Attempts to find out for ourselves why management would ban flags were unsuccessful. KATU wanted to talk to management at Oaks Apartments, but no one has returned our calls. The woman we were told had made the decision said she was "not going to answer any questions."
"Because we live in a diverse community"?!

What the hell does that mean?!

Hey, I'd say that homosexuals and Muslims and leftists ought to keep their identities private and not display their differences in public, nor speak of them. Why? Because we live in a diverse community!

See the gross illogic here?

Apparently any depiction of the American flag is banned. Any depiction of any kind whatsoever.


Guaranteed the landlord's an Obamite.

I'd suggest that the tenants demand that the landlord also ban the rainbow flag, the Hezbollah flag, the "Palestinian" flag, the Obama logo, and any and all emblems of any sort. After all, all of those symbols are offensive to millions of people!

Who is the person/persons in "Management" responsible for this unacceptable, unconstitutional attack on freedom of expression, for this attack on America?

They need to be exposed, shamed and subject to the contempt and disdain of all real Americans!