Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Reason To Dump Obama Czar Jennings

Because he's just too damn extreme and loony.

A guy like this is clearly not the right person to be in charge of "school safety". If he's deemed ok, then any kind of radical extremist bigot is ok, too.

The guy is clearly not above being associated with an extreme hate group such as ACT-UP, which is anti-Catholic and is known for its frightening hate crimes committed against Catholics as well as against others who merely exercise their rights, such rights' exercise being deemed inconvenient to the radical homosexual movement's extreme, revolutionary, hateful, hurtful agenda.

The man chosen by the Obama administration to head the Department of Education's Office of Safe Schools was an activist with the radical pro-homosexual organization Act Up, known for its aggressive badgering of those who don't support the homosexual lifestyle, according to a new report.


Also in the video, it was revealed that Davis and Jennings played host to Obama for a 2008 fundraiser that yielded $170,000 in donations.

"This is an unbelievably important election," Jennings also told the LA Times in May 2008, when asked why he co-hosted the Manhattan fundraiser.

"That should answer any doubts over whether Obama 'vetted' Jennings before his appointment as Safe Schools Czar in the Department of Education," Mass Resistance wrote in its report.

Related: 53 lawmakers demand revolutionary-extremist "czar" Jennings be fired

"Kevin Jennings cannot gain the approval of parents who want their children safe and their schools drug free. You should replace him with someone who has a record of educating children in a safe and moral environment," they wrote.

They added that Jennings has "played an integral role in promoting homosexuality and pushing a pro-homosexual agenda in America's schools," and they criticized Jennings for "his own history of unrepentant drug and alcohol abuse."

Jennings made repeated references to his past drug use in his 2007 autobiography. But he now claims his past drug use makes him qualified to help students and teachers confronting those issues.

Oh, my...

Like, can you say, "bum's rush out the door"?

And this guy's just one of many, some three-dozen-odd scary extremist "czars" appointed by none other than Obama...

That's a lot of bums needing a rush out the door...