Friday, October 02, 2009

Another Malicious, Evil Attack On Christianity By A Left-wing Extremist

Who's screaming in public? The hateful extremist.
Why always pick on Christians?
Why such hatred of Christ that they feel they must invade, impose upon, entrap and haul before the Kangaroo Kourt?
Bring it on, left-wing extremist. Go ahead, spew your hatred and contempt!

Here we go again.

Yup. Another GLBTbagger trying to intimidate Christians with his/her extremism, imposition, hatred and contempt.

"Medical condition"? As far as I'm concerned, it's a fetish. To have unscrupulous, corrupt, ideologically-extreme activist pseudo-experts call masquerading in public as the opposite sex a "medical condition" is dishonest and hurtful to both affected individuals and to society and to identifiable groups targeted by such confused individuals who've been recruited by Christianophobic-hate extremists to impose themselves onto the vulnerable, constantly-under-malicious-hateful-attack minority group.

No surprise they to go to the corrupt, fascist, hateful, discriminatory "Human Rights" Commissions.

I reject the extremist's claim that s/he respects others' beliefs. I reject his/her claim that the victim "ignored laws about equality". What happened is that the aggressor him/herself is the one ignoring laws about equality. Ignoring the equal right to choose, on the part of the Catholic Church, which is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to practice its ways freely, whereas, in contrast, fetishes aren't mentioned by the Charter.

We know what this hateful extremist is doing here. It's obvious that this individual deliberately imposed him/herself upon the Church, fully knowledgeable that his/her fetish disqualified him/her from being a teaching member of what is essentially a Charter-protected private club of sorts.

This individual should've applied to a public school, where s/he couldn't be dumped for any reason, because, hey, it's a public school and non-religious, so...

S/he could've also applied to an Islamic school. Why not? How come GLBTs NEVER do that?

“The reason for removing you from the substitute teacher list follows a conversation we shared in which you indicated that you had been diagnosed with a gender identity medical condition and that you were undergoing physical gender changes from the female gender to the male gender,” wrote Steve Bayus, deputy superintendent of schools.

“In discussions with the Archbishop of the Edmonton Diocese, the teaching of the Catholic church is that persons cannot change their gender. One’s gender is considered what God created it to be.”

Obviously, the religious school's religious beliefs aren't being respected by the allegedly aggrieved party... at all. No question. Just saying that one does respect another's belief, whilst suing them based thereupon, is not credible, nor believable, for it's illogical.

Ergo, it's an attack on the beliefs of the victim party by the complainant party.

And it's hateful. The "complaint" must therefore be dismissed on the grounds that it's a malicious hate attack on a Charter-protected minority group and therefore invalid.

Besides, even the Alberta "Human Rights" Commission says, in contrast to the propaganda gobbleddygook being predictably, automatically uttered by far-left extremist groups and the far-left-controlled School Board, says:

(...) the law also can allow discrimination in some cases involving religious beliefs, depending on the circumstances.

“There might be discrimination, but the discrimination might be reasonable and justifiable,” she said. “What we would do is look at prior case law. “

But a "Human Rights" Commission isn't the place for law to be administered, because it's NOT a court.

I've blogged about these "commissions" before, as have many, many others, including a victim of their left-wing fascism, Ezra Levant, and Mark Steyn, and MacLeans Magazine. And guess what? For the first time ever, they stood up to those fascists, backed by many Canadians and their money, and indicated they'd go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if they were unconstitutionally persecuted. And this was the first time in history that anyone was acquitted of the charges... because never before had they faced victims who fought back and were prepared to haul the Commissions before the Supreme Court, thus forcing the Big Politically Correct Media to finally report about what's going on, and even report on the criminality and hatred of the Commissions! And it's not over... Mr. Levant is suing the aggressor, an Islamic fascist, the hateful Syed Soharwardy, for the costs incurred by his bogus, and hastily-abandoned-under-unbearable-public-pressure "complaint".

Why isn't the aggressor going to a REAL court of law instead? Ah, of course. They know they'd lose in a REAL court of law, and would have a chance in a far-left-controlled "Human Rights" Commission, where we fully know that there's a mentality and agenda, as well as a record, of persecuting Christians in particular for simply exercising their Charter-protected rights to freedom to carry on according to their religious beliefs. Never do the "Commissions" nor the aggressors do this to other faiths! It's a concerted attack on the victim, the Christian People, particularly those who truly believe, and who don't "pick and choose" at their convenience and according to political correctness, submissively, shamefully watering down the faith in accordance with the fascism and hatred of the far left.

The aggressor claims that s/he didn't ask for this? Bullshit. I know the mentality of these folks from observation over many years and know that, yes, they do ask for this when they do things precisely like this, ie. attack Christianity and attempt to use corrupt, criminal state apparati such as the "Human Rights" Commissions to bludgeon Christians into submission to the far-left and to sexual extremism and fetishism.

I take no lessons from the malicious haters, nor from those who lazily accept their accusations out of fear of being aggressed themselves by peer pressure for their daring to think for themselves and objectively read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms so as to properly understand who's right and who's wrong.

Also, the only way to change the Charter or the Constitution is the hard way, precisely as prescribed by the Constitution.

No judge, nor any "Commission", can do this. And it's wrong, including on the part of the Big Liberal Media and the Left, to claim otherwise.

I know how the Left operates. Have watched them for years and have learned all about their agenda and tactics. And this is what I see again happening. Like in the movie Groundhog Day.

It's all about advancing the cause of fetishists, with the underlying agenda of bashing Christianity and forcing the submission of Christians, the abandoning of their beliefs, in Canada, in America, and in the rest of the Free World. If the hateful left-wing extremists truly believed in their claims, they'd start by bashing the non-free world, such as Iran and other Islamic nations, who torture sex fetishists to death as a matter of public policy, which is inseparable from their interpretations of Islamic Shariah "law". Besides, the Islamists are well-known (albeit not being reported by the Big Old Politically Correct News Media) to be already well into Islamizing the Free World and imposing, ultimately, the very Shariah Law as practiced by the horrible Ahmadinejad in Iran. You know him, the guy who says there's no sex-fetishists in Iran, denying their existence whilst lynching them (slowly, by raising them from the ground) as a mode of execution.

The aggressor, "Jan Buterman", ought to understand what s/he could potentially be getting him/herself into, and should carefully study what happened recently to hateful aggressors who attacked innocent, rights-exercising victims as s/he's doing now. Does s/he want what the likes of Soharwardy got? Does s/he want to harm the public image of the entire GLBT lobby by exposing them in this manner? Do these folks really want to wage a war that they might, surprisingly, lose for a change?

Things are different now. The People know they're under attack, that their rights are under attack and being taken away, and are more than ever willing to stand up and tell the hateful aggressors, "NO!".

Jan needs to live and let live, and move on. Go apply to a public, politically-correct, far-left school and leave the vulnerable Christians alone to live as they're entitled to, according to the Charter.