Monday, October 05, 2009

Abbas Corruption Behind Delay Of UN Anti-Israel Vote

Mahmoud (Abu Mazen) Abbas with pic of Yasser

WND has the goods (bads) on Fatah (PLO).

The Fatah (PLO) leader, Abbas, requested that the UN delay an unfair anti-Israel vote, a wholly-unexpected move that shocked "Palestinians" and others.

Why did he do it?

Palestinian diplomatic sources, however, speaking to WND on condition of anonymity, say Abbas was also under a different kind of pressure that impacted the finances of his two sons, Yasser and Tareq.

Through a third party, the sons are major shareholders in a Al Wataniya, a new national Palestinian cellular phone company attempting to get the necessary permits from Israel to launch.

Israeli sources confirmed getting scores of recent requests from Abbas' office for Israel to withdraw objections to the Wataniya bid, which would make the company the second Palestinian cellular phone company after Jawal, a private Palestinian cellular service. Israel says Wataniya's requested cellular frequency has legal and security problems.

Palestinian diplomatic sources told WND that Israel warned Abbas it would not approve Wataniya's licensing requests if the PA continues to press war crimes charges at the U.N.

"The Israelis said, 'Don't ask from us every day for licensing and codes [for Wataniya] and then accuse us of bring war criminals. On the one hand you ask us for favors and on other hand you blame us as criminals,'" said a PA source.

The astonishing thing is that Israel would even consider helping their mortal enemy in any way, shape or form. But who notices when Israel does something like that, something nice, for those who are sworn to destroy Israel no matter what?

The Left, the Big Media and the "International Community" obviously don't notice the sacrifices Israel makes in the name of the hope for peace, sacrifices that always prove to have been in vain.

Nothing Israel does will change the Judeophobic World's mind about her. Nothing. The Judeophobes want Israel gone, no matter what. "Peace", to them, means that Israel cease to exist, and her inhabitants, well, who cares?