Friday, November 16, 2007

We're Supposed To Investigate Liberal Wrongdoing

So why aren't we? Three dozen simultaneous criminal investigations into the behavior of the former Liberal government. Why is it taking so long? Why not an inquiry into the Liberals, too, to accompany the police investigations?

Looking into the now-opened up "foundations" and crown corporations where the Liberals were able to do things with billions of tax dollars without our knowledge, with only their word to explain what they supposedly did with it all. And we know their word is worthless. The Liberals are corrupt and crooked to the bone. They're even tight with the corrupt, crooked Karlheinz Schreiber, who gave them a hundred thousand bucks as a political donation.

So I guess it's not surprising that the Liberals see an opportunity to distract attention from their own crookedness by resurrecting the discredited allegations of the reprehensible Karlheinz character, who only makes all sorts of vague allegations NOW, after all these years, in a cynical attempt to avoid being extradited to Germany to face criminal charges.

Interesting how he says that if he's extradited, he won't talk anymore. Shit, he should've been extradited a long time ago before he dreamed up his obviously fabricated fables. What an asshole. But the Liberals see him as one of their own.

Also surprising is that Canadians supposedly find this interesting, important. Or do they? Is it really the MSM and the pollsters who want us to think that Canadians think that this is a very important matter? I find it unbelievable.

After all, there are many far, far, far more critically important things to deal with than some old crook making up stories about people so as to avoid extradition to possibly end up spending the rest of his life in a German jail for massive fraud.

Besides, the RCMP already knew of the allegations before, and found no substance to them.

So why do we need a multimilliondollar inquiry just to find out that Mulroney did nothing wrong taking some money for what I understand was a commission for something to do with a pasta making machine business, NOT the Airbus matter?

If it was a Liberal who took money like that, would there be such a big deal? I doubt the MSM would bother to make hay like they're doing right now.

All this over nothing more than allegations. To hell with the right to privacy, eh? No evidence exists other than claims by a fraudster/admitted liar about any wrongdoing by Mr. Mulroney. I can't believe this is happening. It's bizarre and surreal.

Nevertheless, I believe that we'll really end up only finding out damning stuff about the Liberals, who themselves were behaving like Karlheinz and making defamatory statements about Mr. Mulroney.

Sigh... this is what the Conservatives get for providing good, honest government instead of just pursuing a vendetta against the Liberals and aggressively digging the skeletons out of the closets to hold up to condemn the Liberals. But I think that now we'll start to hear about these Liberal skeletons, now that the Liberals have forced this inquiry by demanding it. They're just asking for it, so it's time to investigate them harder so that Canadians can find out what they did wrong/criminal just like they can find out whether Mr. Mulroney did anything wrong... or not. Surely, if Canadians, like the pollsters and MSM claim, want to know what happened a long time ago with BM, they'll be anxious to find out what crimes the Liberals committed with their tax dollars!