Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Such Incredible Pali Chutzpah

Just read it for yourself. Can you believe these "Palestinians"? Do they think we'll believe everything they claim, no matter how immediately recognizable as absolutely, completely false?

"There is no country in the world where religious and national identities are intertwined," Saeb Erekat was quoted as telling Radio Palestine on Monday.

Oh? How about Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc...?

Does he think we're stupid? Oh, of course, he knows that the Left is stupid, so I guess he's really speaking to the Left, knowing they'll believe anything he says, just because he's supposedly "Palestinian" and, in what passes for minds in the Leftists, they can do no wrong, are never wrong, have a halo over their heads and all that!

The Palestinians claim that they cannot accept a Jewish state because it would discriminate against minorities, primarily the Arab minority.

Oh, really? But Israel doesn't discriminate. What proof do the Palis have to back up their claim otherwise? And who are they to point fingers and yell "discrimination"? Everyone with open eyes and mind knows for certain that "Palestine" discriminates, frequently murderously, butcherously, against non-Muslims! Such chutzpah!

Why is it ok for there to be Islamic states but not a Jewish state? You know, it's not about "discrimination", as Muslims like Erekat do believe in discriminating against folks different from them. It's about the "Palestinian" telos of destroying the only non-Muslim, actually Jewish, state in the Middle East, Israel.

What we see here isn't fears about discrimination.

It is anti-Semitism.

Don't let the "Palestinians" fool you. Don't let them tell you that they're victims of anyone other than their own people... the Muslims.