Saturday, November 17, 2007

CAIR's Hooper Whines Over Tancredo Anti-Terror Ad

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15 November 2007: A 30-second television commercial called “Tough on Terror” began running in Iowa this week in advance of the January caucuses. Paid for by the funds from presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo, the commercial depicts a hooded terrorist leaving a backpack at a shopping mall followed by a loud explosion The commercial ends with "Tancredo ... before it's too late." Regardless of your political persuasion or feelings about the 2008 presidential candidate, Mr. Tancredo knows what he is talking about and his ad must be taken seriously.


According to this source speaking exclusively to Doug Hagmann, veteran investigator, founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, the current intelligence “flurry” is being compared to the intelligence data on potential domestic terror events during the spring and summer of 2001. As noted numerous times on this web site, this is a scenario that is not only desired by Islamic terrorists in the U.S., but one that consists of multiple scenarios which are being planned by Islamists inside the U.S. Further information suggests that specific areas in Canada are also targeted, and that the investigation of these plots extend into Canada as well as other foreign countries.

The events depicted in Mr. Tancredo’s television commercial are based in fact and should be taken seriously, despite the objections from the predictable and agenda-driven groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Commenting on Tancredo’s commercial and position on Islamic terrorism, Hooper stated:

"He's obviously seeking to exploit the unfortunately rising level of anti-Muslim rhetoric in our society to promote his own political agenda".

With the constant droning about the rise of non-existent Islamophobia being pushed upon the masses, Hooper and his associates, via the aura of legitimacy offered to CAIR by our own bipolar government, are constantly trying to revise history by making the Islamists victims of an intolerant society.

I like Tom Tancredo. He's telling it like it really is... raw. I wish the others would be similarly real, focussing on what's really important.

As for the Hooper guy from CAIR, well, what do we expect? This is what they do: Islamofascistic propaganda. Their agenda is Islamisation of the Free World as well as terrorism. In fact, even if we don't have another 9/11, that doesn't mean we're not being attacked. Because we are... every day. People like Hooper are always trying to impose Islam onto our society.

And isn't it interesting that all this really accelerated since 9/11, or at least we now see it happening, having previously not really ever thought of Islam/Muslims before that? Was 9/11 a ploy by the Islamic supremacist-imperialists to accelerate their Islamisation efforts? After all, immediately following 9/11, we heard the calls for the government to prevent anti-Muslim backlash, although there really hasn't been any... there's only been anti-terrorism and anti-Islamofascism. There is a difference between being opposed to terrorism and Islamofascism and being anti-Muslim. I know I'm not anti-Muslim... never have been. But I definitely am against Islamic supremacists/imperialists and their agenda!