Sunday, November 25, 2007

China Denies Mass Murder, With Help From CBC

David Matas writes this article for the National Post.

It's damning for both the Chinese Communists and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Turkey denies the Armenian genocide. Sudan pretends the
ongoing genocide in Darfur is not happening. The Soviet Union maintained that
there was no forced famine in Ukraine. Neo-Nazis claim the Holocaust never
happened. The pattern is predictable. Genocide Watch has identified eight stages
of genocide. The last is denial.

The massive crimes that China has inflicted on the Falun
Gong spiritual group follow this pattern. David Kilgour and I have written a
report titled Bloody Harvest in which we showed that China has been killing the
Falun Gong by the tens of thousands since 2000 for their organs. The organs are
sold for huge sums, mostly to foreign tourists, for transplants. Beijing denies
it all.

Bloody Harvest has been supported by two independent
researchers -- Kirk Allison at the University of Minnesota and U.K. transplant
surgeon Tom Treasure. All the evidence on which we relied is independently
verifiable and available on our Web site,


When the CBC announced that it was broadcasting a TV
documentary about China's persecution of the Falun Gong that featured our
report, it was predictable that the Chinese censorship machine would get into
gear. What was not predictable was that the CBC would pay attention to

What the Chinese Communist Party is doing to people is an inconvenient truth for the Left. The Left doesn't want to accept the truth, so it denies it. It's easier than admitting that they don't want to do anything to stop it, that they'd rather make up myths about Israel and America being bad while ignoring the clear and present dangers of Islamofascism and Communism.

The Left doesn't want to do anything to stop evil, as doing so would require war, and the Left doesn't want good to wage war against evil; rather, the Left would prefer good to appease and submit to evil. Pretending that diplomacy will stop the slaughter of innocents is delusional, we well know; history proves it. It's far easier to fabricate Big Lies about America and Israel than to admit that there is, indeed, evil in the world, and that it's being perpetuated by those with whom the Left apparently identifies.

The Left is atheist as being so enables them to deny the reality of the polar opposites of good and evil. They find it more convenient to practice relativism, to rationalize everything as is most convenient to their agenda and preferences... and comfort. That, of course, is, in and of itself, evil. And that is what the Left has in common with the Chinese Communist Party. If something makes them uncomfortable, they selfishly seek to cause that something to stop making them uncomfortable, and they will do anything to achieve their own comfort, no matter how unethical, immoral, illegal, inhuman... evil.

The Left, like the Communists, fear spiritual people who believe in the reality of the polarity of good and evil. Therefore, the Left, like the Communists, seek to cause these spiritual, righteous people to stop causing them inconvenience by getting them to deny their beliefs, or at least shut up about them and never present evidence that they hold these beliefs. The Chinese Communists arrest, imprison, torture, harvest the organs of and murder the Falun Gong and others whom it deems inconvenient for believing in the polarity of good and evil, as the Communists are evil and fear exposure to the truth thereabout. The Left is a lot like the Communists, therefore the Left wants to let the Communists seek their own selfish comfort, as they can relate.

The same phenomenon is apparent between the Left and the Islamofascists.

The Left bends itself out of shape, flipflopping wildly in order to avoid admitting to any and all truths inconvenient to itself and its own selfish comfort. It seems to me that evil provides comfort to the Left. And this is frightening.