Thursday, November 08, 2007

CBC Caves Into Communist Pressure Re Falun Gong Documentary

Disgusting! Giving in to the Communists! We, freedom-loving Canadians, pay for the CBC and they dare to represent freedom-hating and -denying Chinese Communist interests over everyone else's interests! They don't represent Canadians, nor the murderously-perescuted-by-the-Chinese-Communists Falun Gong.

TORONTO - The CBC postponed the airing of a documentary about the Falun Gong spiritual movement after receiving calls from the Chinese embassy expressing concern about the film's subject matter.

Oh, Heaven forbid we should offend the Communist beasts!

Beyond the Red Wall: The Persecution of the Falun Gong was scheduled to appear on Tuesday evening on CBC Newsworld. It was replaced at the last minute by a rerun of a documentary on President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. The broadcaster says it changed its schedule because recent turmoil in Pakistan made the Musharraf documentary "timely."


Peter Rowe, who wrote and directed the documentary, said a CBC executive called him late Tuesday afternoon to inform him the film would not air that evening. The executive also asked if Mr. Rowe could come to a meeting to discuss "re-editing" his documentary.

"It's rather surprising, because the film has been in production for about three years and was delivered to the CBC in March, so the authorities and the executives at the CBC signed off on the film quite some time ago," he said.

The CBC should never submit to foreign interference, but it apparently has. This is wrong. I hope they're not letting the Communists' propaganda agents tell them what they can and cannot have in the documentary. I hope that the truth will not be altered to please the Communists.

If the CBC is going to kiss Commie ass, then why are we paying for them? We want an independent Canadian broadcaster, not one that jumps when Communists say to do so.

CBC, when the Chinese Embassy calls next time, hang up immediately. You do NOT have your bosses', the Canadians', permission to take any orders from foreign entitites, particularly hatefully evil, murderously totalitarian ones like that under the Chinese Communist Party.