Monday, November 19, 2007

No Missing Schreiber Letter: PCO

The Privy Council Office sets the record straight.

Liberals, of course, will prefer to believe Mr. Schreiber the fraud chargee and admitted liar...

I guess the Librano$$$ will continue to throw mud anyway. Of course the Libs want to try to make Prime Minister Stephen Harper look bad by making malicious and wholly unfounded suggestions such as he "must've seen the letter, must've known somehow about it". Such is the nature of Liberal dirty trickery. The truth matters to them not a whit. They want to broaden the terms of reference of the inquiry into that fraud chargee/admitted liar/big donor to the Liberal Party Karlheinz Schreiber's accusations against former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, which, by the way, may, in fact, be debunked by this explanation:

After leaving office in 1993, Mulroney was paid $300,000 by Schreiber "to help on two projects," Lavoie says. One was to try to establish a Montreal manufacturing facility for military vehicles; the other to start a chain of pasta restaurants called Reto.

That's after he was PM, not while. And it has nothing to do with Airbus. We'll see in a few months' time. I'm sure the Liberals have their fingers crossed, hoping that Mr. Mulroney did something naughty so they can link it all to the current PM, who had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anything about the matter. Well, what do we expect of Liberals? They have nothing to run on electorally, so they're trying to fabricate scandals to try to steal voter support in trying to pin it all on today's government, hoping Canadians have forgotten about ADSCAM and all the other nasty crooked crap the Liberals did while in office themselves. Nasty aren't they, them Librano$$$?

Why on earth would anyone believe anything Karlheinz Schreiber says? The man has zero credibility, nay, make that negative cred!

Isn't it weird how politics and the MSM conspire to make mountains out of bullshit piles? For me, I can't believe we're going to actually have a multimilliondollar inquiry into what some lying fraud fugitive claims in an apparent ploy to stave off extradition to face justice in Germany.

Originally, the Prime Minister wasn't really all that excited as to the idea of a full-blown inquiry re some unbelievable crook's highly suspicious and timely assertions, but, hey, the Opposition, the MSM and even Mr. Mulroney himself all demanded an inquiry. The optics of refusing to have one would only have been used to politically beat up on the PM, so he decided to give them what they asked for, however careless they were in so asking, for they don't know what they'll find in that strange new box of chocolates.

Well, as the saying goes, may we live in interesting times...