Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Canada, Israel Negotiating Security Pact

Story here. h/t: National

Cooperation agreement covering counterterrorism and homeland security matters.

"The two ministers agreed that by early November three work teams will be established in order to promote the co-operation between two ministries on the following subjects: counterterrorism and crime; emergency preparedness; and border-crossing security, focusing on biometric identification," the Israelis said.

This is good, as some Israelophobic/Judeophobic Arab-Muslim spokesmen are issuing statements ridiculously attempting to paint the talks as somehow scary just because they haven't been formally announced by the Canadian government yet. But so what? After all, both Canada and Israel are free, democratic and peaceful nations which cannot be feared by anyone other than manipulable bigots. The Canadian and Israeli governments can talk with one another and don't necessarily need to announce about it. After all, I'm sure the Arabo-Islamist nations would deem that they can talk to whomever they want (like Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc.) without telling their own people. So the ludicrous attempt on the part of the Arabo-Islamist community in Canada to instill some kind of phobia into guillible Canadians, particularly Leftist ones, is to be dismissed as predictable Israelophobic/Judeophobic hot-air hatemongering/fearmongering.

It is a good thing for Canada and Israel to discuss cooperation on security issues. It is important, as we are both targets of Arabo-Islamist supremacist-imperialists hellbent on killing non-Muslims representing the vast majority who populate our free and democratic sovereign nations.

So for the Arab/Muslim organisations in Canada or anywhere to raise phobia re these talks between these two sovereign nations just because they aren't conducting them on live TV or whatever... will make these Arab/Muslim organisations suspect in terms of harboring intolerant feelings/ideology. Besides, the Arabo-Islamists know full well that many, many of their own people in the Arabo-Islamist nations hate both Canada and Israel because we're not Islamic theocracies, plus they have demonstrated indubitable intent to do us harm.