Sunday, November 18, 2007

Iran Viciously Bullying Montreal Filmmaker

Story here.

All she did was make a documentary, with Iran's permission, in Iran.

Then she stumbled upon a mass grave for victims of a state slaughter in 1988.

So they arrested and charged her with "propaganda".

If Canada behaved like Iran is behaving, you can be sure there'd be a massive outcry. (Don't expect the MSM and the Left to care too much, though. They only care about injustice, perceived or real, if it happens in the Free World or if they can somehow blame the Free World either rightly or wrongly. The Non-Free World gets a free get out of jail card from the MSM/Left pretty much every time).

"For the past nine months, I have lived with fear the whole time," Solouki said in the interview. "The pressure includes mental as well as monetary pressure - mental pressure because I am extremely worried about my safety."

Her friends say she was also a victim of a suspicious accident in July when a motorcyclist knocked her down and in a statement released on Saturday, said it was urgent that Solouki be "allowed to receive proper medical care in France."


Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi died in Iranian custody in 2003, three weeks after she was arrested for taking pictures outside Evin prison during a student protest.

This is how Iran treats people. And it only gets worse. But I note that the Left tends to be apologetic on behalf of Iran, saying such insane things as Iran has a "right" to have nuclear technology, even though Iran has promised clearly and repeatedly to destroy other nations. Still I see the Left acting as if it's the Free World and not the likes of Iran, that is bad and a threat to humanity. One must be insane to see a state that promises to destroy other nations as "peaceful" and to dismiss all the evidence of the state's aggressive progress towards developing a nuclear weapon, something now said to be just one year away.

I think Ms. Solouki's life is in danger. Especially since she's a woman and Iran is an Islamic nation.