Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Surprise, Canuck Leftists: Bill Clinton Says Stay in Afghanistan

Poor Canadian Leftists. They're so cocksure that Canada should pull out of Afghanistan either today or by 2009.

But now they're going to be confused, as one of their top leaders, Slick Willy himself, is telling them that Canada needs to stay in Afghanistan, no mention of any deadline for pullout!

Their heads are gonna spin!

Billy's exact words re Canada's military action in Afghanistan:

"I hope you'll stay."

Well, what do you have to say to that, Stephanie DeeYawn and Taliban Jack Layton? You do believe whatever your supreme leaders tell you, don't you? Everything Billy says you must believe, like when he says he "didn't have sexual relations" with Monica, and that the word "is" has multiple meanings and that he did everything in his power to kill bin Laden instead of focussing on pulling his pants down in the Oval Office...

Now, I could be mistaken, but doesn't Billy ironically think America should pull out of Iraq? Or is that just Hillary? You know, if the Democrats wanted to pull America out of Iraq, they could've used many of the opportunities they had to do so, but didn't. Nancy Pelosi herself could've used her power to pull the plug, as she's the one who deems which bills can come up for a vote, but she allowed the bills that enabled America to stay in Iraq. So much for meaning what they say, eh? Ditto Michael Moore, who promised to wage his own personal jihad against them if they didn't keep their promise. Can't take them Leftists seriously. It's all about electoral calculation. Promise whatever to get elected, then break your promises... the MSM will cover your ass- the moonbat voters will not realize that you're a bunch of lying assholes as long as the MSM doesn't tell them!