Wednesday, November 07, 2007

City Recommends Restricting Christmas to "Multicultural Educational Displays"

Well, what do you know? One of the fine folks from the city in Colorado that's proposed banning red and green lights from being displayed in public has actually left a comment under my post to try to sugarcoat his folks' proposal..

The comment can be viewed here.

Would you believe that they think it's enough to allow Christmas to be "celebrated" publicly in a "multicultural educational display" in the local museum, plus also only in special displays within the insides of government buildings?

Get ready to roll your eyes...

We aren't excising Christmas from Fort Collins' holiday displays. Unforunately, the media hasn't covered the ways in which Christmas is included in our recommendations -- in our primary multicultural educational display at the Fort Collins Museum, and in displays in the interior of city buildings. These displays can and almost certainly will include Christmas trees, colored lights, and even a creche in the multicultural display. We chose to recommend white lights for exterior displays because they're common elements of just about every winter celebration, including Christmas.

Nice try, Seth.

But Christmas isn't a "winter celebration". It is a religious celebration with deep, fundamental meaning for Christians. It is about the birth of Jesus Christ. To dismiss it along with "just about every other winter celebration" is hateful and hurtful and violates the rights of Christians. Just because for some Leftists it's an inconvenient truth, doesn't mean that you can restrict it to a museum to be lost in a sea of "multiculturalism"... look, America is a Christian nation, always has been. The Constitution is Christian and mentions God. You cannot ever change this. Too bad if you don't like it. No one's forcing it on you and it's not hurting anyone, so there's no harm... therefore leave it alone and let Christians have their celebrations in public.

To claim that Christmas is a "winter celebration" is the height of ignorance. It has nothing to do with winter at all and simply happens to occur during the winter season. It is religious. But the Left, particularly the dogmatic atheists amongst them, wants to deny this.

Moving Christmas into a museum sends the wrong message to Christians. It tells them that their ways are deemed no longer a core part of America and are merly a historical footnote, an anachronistic relic of ancient history. Shame on the Left for this incredible display of aggressive, condescending arrogance, this tyrannical fascism of the ultra-radical, ultra-tiny minority Left!

You Leftist folks, unfortunately, have indeed proposed excising Christmas from outdoor public display. You are effectively banning the free, Constitutionally guaranteed celebration of Christmas. "Multicultural educational displays" won't cut it at all and constitute interference by the state into religion, violating the Constitution's guarantee that the state will keep its hands off of and not restrict religion.

Your recommendation is hostile towards Christians and effectively denies the United States of America's undeniable Christian origins. America is without a doubt a nation founded on Christian principles and with respect to God... and you Leftists wish to take this away, based merely on your own radical ideology.

While you're at it, why don't you similarly restrict evidence of Islamic things to "multicultural educational displays"? Why not ban the sexual-extremist "pride" parades and replace them with "multicultural educational displays"? You won't do that... you'll only do it with Christmas, because you want to eradicate Christianity, as you fear it as an inconvenient truth.

It's fascism, planly and simply... and a denial of the real nature of America.

Christmas is not a matter of "multicultural educational display" and is certainly not something to be restricted to a museum! But the Left would like to see it end up that way.