Friday, November 09, 2007

Harper Conservatives Soar To Record Support Level

Story here. h/t:

OTTAWA - Fuelled by unprecedented support in Quebec, the federal Conservative party has zoomed to 42 per cent support among decided voters, a high water mark that puts Prime Minister Stephen Harper closer to his goal of winning a majority government, a new national Ipsos-Reid poll says.

So what of the Liberals' suggestions that the Conservatives haven't been able to benefit from Harper's own great popularity and their success as a government? I always knew that the support was understated and that before too long polling would reflect the perceptions of Canadians re the Harper Conservative government. I guess that's why the Liberals are desperately trying to make a big stink over what some crook said about former PM Mulroney, as if it was a big, fat, hairy deal, which I don't think so, as it pales in comparison to the $40 million the Liberals owe the taxpayers for the money that went missing via ADSCAM, plus the billions that mysteriously vanished into the "foundations" created and directed by Liberals, doling out funds to who knows who and for what purpose (if there's any purpose beyond rewarding other Liberals for being loyal).

The survey said that while the Tories were up three points from last week, the Liberals remained stuck 14 points back with the support of 28 per cent of voters. The NDP rebounded two points to 15 per cent and the Green party held steady at seven per cent.

So the Liberals, reading the polling numbers, think they'd better promise paradise to the poor, saying they'll set "targets" for "poverty elimination", but naturally offering no idea as to how they propose to do so... whilst the Harper Conservatives are already doing more for such reduction than any previous government, creating half a million new jobs since coming to power and boosting funding for affordable housing, plus much more, including cutting the GST, which even poor folks must pay (and which the Liberals appear hellbent on raising if they were to, God forbid, return to power, not that there's much danger thereof anytime soon). The hoped-for effect of this communist-style promising is to stem the bleeding of their left-wing support to the NDP and the Greens. Apparently, the Liberals have chosen to be a party of the Far Left and have abandoned all hope of ever again regaining support from non-Leftist voters. Such is their choice, which isn't a surprise, as we know they're Leftists through and through!

The poll, conducted exclusively for CanWest News Service and Global National, also said the Conservatives were enjoying new-found levels of support in Quebec. For the first time, the Tories were tied with the normally dominant Bloc Quebecois. Each party had the support of 31 per cent of the decided voters. The Liberals trailed at 23 per cent, although they were up six points from last week. The NDP had the support of 10 per cent, and the Green party five per cent.

Not bad for a party whose predecessors, the Canadian Alliance and the Reform Party, used to barely even come close to rounding up to a measly one percent in Quebec support!

So, if the Liberals feel lucky and want to bring us down, let the punks go ahead! Nah... I predict many more votes in the House in which, as Harper said, they'll "sit down for Canada". Yep... that's the Liberals' new motto: "Sitting Down for Canada".