Monday, November 12, 2007

Oakland City To Take Away First Amendment Right?

No kidding. Oakland City wants to take away its residents' right to free speech. At least those who would like to speak from the pro-life perspective.

"If reproductive rights include the right to choice, and one of those choices is abortion, then another one of those choices is to give birth," Johnson said. "If they claim, on the one hand, that the law guarantees the right to reproductive rights counseling on the matter of the choice of abortion, it must necessarily also include the right to receive counseling about another choice. This ordinance effectively wipes out that second alternative.

"It is saying some people can counsel but other people cannot counsel," he told WND. "It depends which side of the debate you're on."

Sounds a lot like how it is in China today under Communist rule, doesn't it? You can speak freely, as long as the government pre-approves what you're going to say. Well, now it looks like it may soon start being like this in America, too!

"This is the biggest threat to free speech in a generation, and that's not hyperbole," he told WND. "I truly believe that, with regards to the topic of abortion, which is very controversial, this is the government deciding which message can be heard and which message cannot be heard."

The proposal was brought by councilwoman Jane Brunner, who told local reporters the ordinance "would give women the right to make that choice and safely go to the clinic," without hearing any statements that conflict with the abortion-rights lobby.


"So, where's the ACLU?" asked another reader. "Why aren't they rushing forward to protect that which they claim to be their basic charge – protecting the First Amendment freedom of speech rights?"

Forget the ACLU. They aren't about "civil rights" at all. They're actually a Far Left revolutionary organization. They're about something else entirely.

This is the Far Left in action. See, the Far Left is gaining greater and greater power within government as time marches on. Eventually they'll have absolute power. What will they then take away? The right to vote? The entire Bill of Rights?

How do we know that the agenda of the Far Left isn't dangerous? Why should we blindly believe them when they say that they're acting in our interests when we know they aren't? We'd have to be frickin' insane.