Thursday, November 29, 2007

Islamic Sexism In the Raw

Some folks out there are in serious need of some court-mandated "sensitivity training"!

We can't ever tolerate sexism, especially violence against women!

Why does the Left tolerate such an attitude towards women? Is it because the bigots wear special headgear or clothing? Why is it? Why does the Left tolerate discrimination and inequality? Why does the Left want to deem these people (Muslims) first-class and reduce everyone else (meaning non-Muslims) to second-class ("dhimmi")?

I guess that the Left's claim to care about equality between the genders is therefore not to be taken seriously, then, unless they take to task fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Muslims for their radically hurtful sexist attitudes and practices!

Those sharing the sentiments of the men above need to be politely but firmly and unapologetically informed that if they wish to live in the Free World, they cannot impose their ideology onto others! Sexism is a hate crime and so is violence against women, after all!

Surely the Left can agree with that!

We need not ever apologize for believing in equality and human rights!

No tolerance for intolerance... no apology for being free and equal!