Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kangaroo Court: 5 Yrs Jail for Cdn Christian for Quoting Bible

Frightening story here. See also: SmallDeadAnimals

What is this, Red Communist China? The Islamic Republic of Iran? Saudi Arabia? Zimbabwe?

It's time to abolish the Far-Left kangaroo courts, the Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal (and the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission as well, and other Far-Left state apparatus nodes created by the corrupt, crooked, Far-Left Liberal Party of Canada to appease Leftists so they'd vote Liberal and not NDP).

When they start to take away our rights and threaten to throw us in prison for exercising them, we know it's time to get rid of these Far-Left fascist organizations. They have no place in the Free World and are little different from the kangaroo courts of the Non-Free World.

They use the words "human rights" in the same way the Chinese Communists use the words "the peoples' republic/liberation army/etc" and North Korea calls itself "democratic". Same as how the Liberals label themselves "Liberal".

On October 27, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal issued a
precedent-setting cease and desist order which forbids Jessica Beaumont from
posting certain Bible verses on the Internet. If this 21-year old woman
posts the wrong Bible quotation online - even if it is on an American website -
she could face up to 5 years in prison.


Even if you are not a Christian, those words should chill
your blood. But, incredibly quietly, under our very noses, a legal
precedent has been set that can be used to put Canadians in prison for quoting
the Bible.


The CHRC is used to punish people who have not broken the
law. And every single person who has gone to a CHRC tribunal regarding
Internet content has been found guilty.

This is unconstitutional. It is political correctness fascism. It takes away the right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion. And likely other rights as well. Yes, the Left is taking away peoples' rights.

So what if the free speech might offend some people? Tough. The very people it would offend are always saying things offensive about Christians and they don't get summoned to any kangaroo court for doing so. Nor do the Islamists for saying hateful things about kuffars, including Koranic verses.

Clearly, it is Christians who are targeted for persecution by the Left.

And the complainant, Far-Left radical extremist bigot, Richard Warman, is infamous for his personal jihad campaign to take away the rights of people who dare to say things he doesn't like.