Saturday, November 10, 2007

Exposed: Serious Islamic Plot to Take Over America

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A Washington, D.C., imam states explicitly on the website for his organization that he is part of a movement working toward replacement of the U.S. government with "the Islamic State of North America" by 2050.

With branches in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and Philadelphia, the group As-Sabiqun – or the Vanguard – is under the leadership of Abdul Alim Musa in the nation's capital.

From the organization's Resolution:

We resolve to work with other communities (movements), whether they are local, national, or international, toward the end of harnessing the power of Muslims and their resources for the purpose of reestablishing the system of governance known as Khilafah, or the Caliphate, patterned after the leadership exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (saw).

We resolve to utilize all the tools of Islam to develop an analysis and plan of action to totally and completely obliterate the hold of jahiliyyah and enable Islam to take complete control of our lives, and ultimately, the lives of all human beings on Earth.

We resolve to shape the ideas, beliefs, and moral viewpoints of the people into an Islamic mold. Toward this end we will, insha'Allah, develop the comprehensive educational system that is necessary to inform, inspire, and direct the society toward Islamic revolution (or evolution).

(Emphasis was mine)

In other words, they resolve to impose Islam on the entire world, on all people, on you and me.

Those who choose to deny the real and present danger out of a knee-jerk political correctness reaction are fools.

I choose to take it seriously. The evidence is clear that there are many people living inside the Free World who are actively promoting Islamic fascism and planning to Islamify it.

These folks are very serious and very patient. They will do what it takes, over however many years/decades, to achieve their goals.

To ignore it and submit to it is to surrender the Free World to Islam and Sharia Law.

After all, Islam rejects freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. We know this.

And this remains true even though there are Muslims who want to believe that Islam is about peace and tolerance.

As long as there are enough supremacist-imperialist Islamists to make this happen, it's going to be happening, no doubt.

Political correctness must be rejected as well as must Islamic supremacism and imperialism. We really need to make it illegal to preach hatred, violence, supremacism, takeover of governments, etc., regardless of whoever is doing the preaching and activism. And this is what many Islamists are doing right here in the Free World, not just in the Islamic World.

We must resist. We must make Islamic fascism, supremacism, imperialism, Kuffarphobia, Kalifascism and Sharia Law illegal.

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