Thursday, November 01, 2007

Homeschooling Mom Harrassed By Autonomously-Acting Leftist State Apparatchiks

Police: "You have no rights!"

Just like in Germany since Hitler banned homeschooling... and that ban continues to this day, with the police arresting, incarcerating and commiting homeschooling families, just as if Hitler was still calling the shots, as if people had no rights, as if they had to submit to the dictates of the state regardless of their constitutional rights.

Now we find out that the state apparatus in America is somehow becoming the same as that in Germany. It's as if Hitler's fascist laws were transplanted here somehow, overriding the Bill of Rights. And it's apparently the Left who's doing this right under our noses, ever so brazenly, arrogantly, incredibly!

When the social worker came to the apartment the next day Mrs. Denard, aware of her Fourth Amendment rights, opened the door while keeping the chain on, and handed the Florida Notice to Homeschool to the social worker. Mrs. Denard also explained that she was just visiting for a few weeks to nurse her father back to health.

The social worker’s response was very aggressive. She demanded entry into the apartment to “strip search” the children to see if they had any bruises. She shoved the papers back to Mrs. Denard, exclaimed she did not want them, and demanded entry into the apartment. The mother steadfastly refused, even though she was shaking and scared to death.

The social worker then called the police, who came to the scene and also demanded entry. When Mrs. Denard explained through the chained door that she had certain rights under the Fourth Amendment, they told her “You have no rights!” They furthermore said that if she did not let them in, she would be guilty of “obstructing justice” and a total of three felonies. In the meantime, Mrs. Denard was trying to call on HSLDA’s emergency line.

Attorney Chris Klicka was on call while traveling in another state. He advised Mrs. Denard that she was doing everything correctly and asked her to hand the phone out the door, but the police had left, departing with a threat that she would be charged with felonies the next day. Chris Klicka immediately called the social worker’s cell phone and explained that the mother and her two children were residents of Florida, that she had the paperwork to prove they were in compliance with Florida’s homeschool law and that there was no need for this aggressive behavior.

The social worker did not like the answer and indicated that the family would be going to court the next day. When Klicka asked to talk to her supervisor or to her lawyer, she said she would have her lawyer call him and that “we have a big legal department.”


After receiving evidence that the family was complying with the Florida Homeschool Statute, the charges were never filed and the case was not pursued, as the prosecutor agreed to drop it.

But the social worker refused this proof in the first place. What the f*ck is f*cking wrong with that social worker?! Is she insane, brainwashed, intolerant of anyone who's different? Is she a bigot, a fascist, a Nazi? Geez, what on earth is wrong with these people?! At the very least, she should be sued for her behavior. How dare she! Fire her stinking ass to send a message to the Ultra-Fascist Leftwing Brownshirts who think they're above the law!

Do the same with those autonomously-acting police officers as well, and with anyone who may have issued any illegal orders to these state apparatchiks to cause their fascistic behavior. Bring charges against them all, as well!

Geez, those annoying, infuriating Leftists/fascists/Nazis/communists... thinking that the Bill of Rights only applies to whom they deem, regardless of what the Bill of Rights actually says! People like that have no business being the servants of the people... these people only aim to impose the extremist agenda of the Far Left on the people of the Free World, and no rights, no constitutions, nothing... will stop them.

The Left is becoming dangerous, a grave threat... and I fear that the police forces have been Leftified over time, that many police officers may be as brainwashed as the social worker clearly is. Are the police academies hijacked by Leftists? Are police trainees being brainwashed? Are bureaucrats being brainwashed? What the hell else could it be, if they're going around telling people, "You have no rights!"?!

Let this be a warning... a sign of the symptom of what's happening right under our noses. To be blind and in denial as to what's really happening... is to surrender one's rights to the Far Left, the Communists, to Sharia Law, perhaps... so if we don't fight for our rights, we'll lose them to those who seek to take them away... the Far Left and those who influence them.