Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pa Court Strikes Down "Hate Crimes" Law

Story here.

A court has struck down Pennsylvania's version of a "hate crimes" law, ruling that what officials there call an "Ethnic Intimidation Law" restriction was "unconstitutional and therefore null and void."


The provisions adopted under the failed procedure increased penalties for crimes based on what the criminal was thinking, specifying the additional penalties for "actual or perceived … ancestry, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity."

Sounds like a highly subjective law to me. Too open to dangerously broad interpretation. As are all "hate crimes" laws I can think of. Such laws can actually end up taking away peoples' rights as well as protecting them.

It doesn't make any logical sense to me to take away one person's rights to protect another's. The way it's supposed to be done is to guarantee everyone's rights will be protected, that none will be robbed of theirs. Besides, I see double standards all over the place. Like it's ok for one class of people to say nasty things about another class, but it doesn't work the other way around. This is inequality. Like "gays" are allowed to say horrendously hateful, discriminatory things about Christians and ex-"gays", but if the other side simply wishes to express, peacefully, respectfully, their own point of view, watch out for the Gestapo!

The Left wants to give totally-new rights to special classes of persons while taking away already-existing rights from others. This is wrong.

By the way, does anyone think that "sexual orientation" will, to the Left, always only mean "whether one prefers one's own or the other sex"? Don't count on it. They're going to include whatever they want, no limits. Nothing's too insane. So "sexual orientation" is a Pandora's Box term. Hey, how about foot-fetishists? How about people who like to get peed on, even drinking the stuff? Pedophiles? Bestialists? Necrophiles? Incestuous people? Polygamists? Coprophagists? S&Mers? Exhibitionists? Shit, why not even cannibals, as cannibalism could very well get a handful of criminally insane people off? Next thing you know, you'll hear of someone being persecuted by a court, losing his First Amendment right in favor of a pedophile, having "offended" the pedophile by saying nasty things about pedophilia... Sure, the Left will call me insane for saying this, but they'll really be projecting their own insanity.