Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Global Warming & UFOs

First we had the Global Warming scaremongering which we're being intimidated into going along with as if it's all proven and apparent right before our very eyes. We really don't see any climate change or even rising temperatures from one year to the next, but we're told that it's happening even though we cannot observe it!

Now we're being asked to believe a bunch of supposedly not-crackpotty folks who tell us they saw extraterrestrial spacecraft.

I don't know which is easier to believe, that we're destroying the planet by driving and turning on the lights... or that there's life elsewhere in the universe so much more intelligent than we are that they've already got the technology to travel through space at incredible velocity.

Maybe the aliens will come down and show the moonbats that Al Gore is full of crap.

But I'd settle for the likes of James Carville admitting that it's really a vast, mostly left-wing conspiracy to bullshit people.

You know, I might be onto something. Maybe the Far Left is actually starting something here. Maybe they're going to have a "consensus" of scientists who've looked at tons of data and concluded that not only are there ETs out there in flying saucers, but also that they've come to a 90% level of certainty that these ETs are going to invade Earth, unless we do something to stop this from happening... or stop doing some things that they claim is bringing this invasion onto us...

You never know what Great Big Clever Stunt those crazy poopheads will try to pull next!

Why is it that people are so guillible that they'll believe the unbelievable as long as people in suits and white lab coats say it's so and are backed up by the media? Are people incapable of suspecting that they're being taken for fools? How come the same people who claim, without proving it, that the President of the United States is lying to us about the fact that Saddam had WMDs, are the same people who refuse beyond all intelligence and sanity to even question the climate change theory, to even entertain even the slightest bit of natural doubt? Interesting, isn't it?