Friday, November 30, 2007

Canada To Have Coldest Winter in 15 Yrs

So, what global warming? Come on!

Oh, of course, there's a convenient explanation: La Nina.

Sure. Blame it on someone named La Nina. Better hope she doesn't sue for defamation!

Wonder if the rest of the world will have a warmer winter, or if La Nina will be blamed for global cooling? What if the earth gets cooler in the next few years, every year? Then what will Chicken Little blame that on?

Every time it's cooler and every time we fail to see any "climate change" (momentary weather phenomena don't constitute "climate change", though that doesn't stop Chicken Little from blaming every hurricane, tornado, flood, etc. on "anthropogenic global warming"!) , it's inconvenient for Chicken Little, so he tries to explain it away with conveniently-fabricated excuses.

And doesn't it annoy you when Leftist windbags use the word "anthropogenic" instead of "manmade" or "man-caused"? What, do they think that using bigger words makes them sound like they know what they're talking about?

Whatever. In my estimation, however, those who preach the theory of anthropogeneity re (perceived due to suspect data) global warming and climate change are themselves anencephalic.