Sunday, November 11, 2007

Preferential Segregation For Muslims... Because They Demand It

Always on Watch has done this excellent, informative post at Vigilant Freedom advising us of the rapidly-growing exceptional, exclusive preferential treatment accorded a specific "religious" group.

Christianity is under attack, being forced to disappear whenever the Far Left goes to court to demand that its symbols and ceremonies disappear from public evidence. Judaism isn't exactly being encouraged, either. Falun Gong are being shunned by the West at the behest of the genocidal Chinese Communist Party. The list of persecuted religions is long, indeed.

But Islam, specifically, is receiving rapidly increasing, exclusive preferential accommodations. Exclusive. And we're paying for it, at least indirectly. And we are forced to be aware of it, cannot avoid noticing. Granted, you may not yet have noticed, but many people all over the Free World already are, and don't be surprised if you soon see the same things happening in your community, finding yourself wondering, "Why are these people so special? Why must they be accorded all these special, exclusive accommodations, when I, a Christian/Jew/etc., am being discouraged even via hate speech from the Far Left and even the state apparatus, from even showing who I am in public?"

This evidence is a perfect addition to Exposed: Serious Islamic Plot to Take Over America .

Listen... Islam as a movement has far too many members with far too much power who seriously, zealously seek to Islamise the Free World.

But we're not being told by our media, nor by our governments. We're being lulled into a Big Lie, a Big Lie that tells us that Islam is not a threat to us in any way, shape nor form.

But this is ironic, as we're told that JudeoChristianity is a grave threat to our freedom, democracy and the rule of law. This is bizarre, as it is JudeoChristianity which is responsible for the very rise and evolution of modern Free World civilization and for our freedoms, democracies and rule of law. Guess what? Islam fully intends to take all of this away by pursuing a long-term program of Islamisation of our societies and of us... eventually by force, as is required by the Koran.

Do we want this?

I do not. And I am not alone.

And we are resisting. We are resisting and will never, never, ever submit.

Join the resistance. Preserve civilisation, freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights for all future generations.

Say no to submission, tyranny and oppression.

Say no to Islam.

If they want to live with us in peace, they have to prove it. All they're doing now is lying to us while working hard to demonstrate their true agenda behind the scences and right in front of our eyes (Machiavellianly, lyingly claiming "tolerance" and so on).

It is proven. Don't deny proof. Embrace proof. And say "NO!" to Islamo-fascism.