Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chinese Communist Spying Very Aggressive, Threatening

Story here. h/t: Drudge Report

WASHINGTON (AP) - Chinese spying in America represents the greatest threat to U.S. technology, according to a congressional advisory panel report Thursday that recommended lawmakers consider financing counterintelligence efforts meant to stop China from stealing U.S. manufacturing expertise.

Bloody crooks. Spies. How dare they? Who do the Communists think they are? Do they have an arrogant, delusional culture of entitlement or what? Think they can do whatever they want, can take anything they want from anyone they wish? Oh, yes.

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission also said in its annual report to Congress that small- and medium-sized U.S. manufacturers, which represent more than half the manufacturing jobs in America, "face the full brunt of China's unfair trade practices, including currency manipulation and illegal subsidies for Chinese

China's economic policies create a trade relationship that is "severely out of balance" in China's favor, said the commission, which Congress set up in 2000 to investigate and report on U.S.-China issues.

Best read it all. There's more on how terrible the Chinese Communist regime is. They're criminally evil, no doubt.

Doing business with these scumbucket Communist bastards has proven to be a deleterious, dangerous error in judgement. The Communists are complete assholes!

So when will our governments grow the balls to terminate our business relationships with these Communist pigs, skunks, scorpions and venomous snakes?

Do forgive my viciousness, but we're talking about a vicious enemy, the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP must not be trusted; not even a little. We can't mince our words any longer.

Kissing their asses is hurting our economies and security. And it's only encouraging the CCP to continue aggressively treating people horrendously, particularly the peaceful Falun Gong.