Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CBC Still Editing/Censoring Falun Gong Documentary

Story here. h/t: Borque.org

Well, I'm pleased to see a Leftist MSM rag, the Toronto Star, actually criticizing another Leftist MSM outlet, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for its pussyish obedience of the butcherous Chinese Communist Party's demands that they edit their Falun Gong documentary so as to not inconvenience the Communist Party.

Who does the CBC brass think they are, independent of the People who pay their salaries, and on whose behalf they're supposed to work, but instead working for an evil empire such as that of the Chinese Communist Party, an empire who is harvesting organs from live human beings and waging an accelerated holocaust against the peaceful, tolerant, compassionate, honest Falun Gong people?

I demand the CBC hang up the phone next time any agents of the CCP try to interfere in the affairs of the Canadian Peoples' CBC. The CCP has no business interfering in Canada's internal affairs. We will tell the truth about what we know is happening in China because of the CCP.

If the CBC refuses to serve Canadians, then the CBC must be abolished, unless it can be reformed very thoroughly to eradicate its Far-Left-style ethical/moral corruption and submissiveness to butcherous Communist monsters!

The changes affected about five minutes of the 41-minute film and included:

Removing an interview clip in which a lawyer talks about human rights
abuses and the Olympic Games, drawing an analogy between 1936 Berlin and 2008

(Oh, my... the CBC is now censoring peoples' opinions. In Canada. Because the CCP, a butcherous, infinitely evil totalitarian regime, demanded it. So why doesn't the CBC also censor Leftists who who make nasty accusations against and comments about Free World conservative politicians?)

Editing the most inflammatory section of the film in which China is accused
of harvesting organs from Falun Gong members for transplant.

The list actually goes on! Read about the rest of the changes the CBC, which we pay for via deductions from our paychecks, the GST and other confiscations of our own hard-earned monies, made to appease murderous Communist tyrants...

I note that the article says that the same unit of the CBC that will broadcast this documentary actually broadcast Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 without any changes whatsoever. WTF!!

The Canadian Sentinel therefore snarls and roars at the CBC and demands it tell the CCP to F.O. or face abolition or serious, wrenching, painful reform along with the also-unaccountable-and-much-too-expensive Senate.

UPDATE: See also this article.