Friday, November 09, 2007

Dion Shows Communist Colors; Police Hunt Liberal Fugitive

Liberal Party "Leader" Stephane Dion has pulled a page from the Communist Manifesto and from his handlers' Leninist tactics playbook and made more cynical, to-be-broken-naturally, promises to the "poor" and "working class" (code words for people who want to be dependent on the state, get rewarded for their votes and submissive servitude... in other words, fellow travellers, liberals, progressives, etc.).

It's a strategy as old as Communism itself: Promise paradise to people in exchange for blind obedience and submission to the state... and then never deliver anything remotely resembling or feeling like paradise. But, amazingly, despite the failure throughout history of communism/socialism/liberalism/progressivism to deliver on its grandoise, impossible-over-the-long-run promises, the Left continues to believe, against all logic and sanity, in these promises, having dumb faith in this devastating anthropogenic myth of paradise on earth.

It's a Hail Mary play for a party on the ropes, gushing political blood from wounds of its own infliction.


Police issue warrant for wanted Liberal

LONDON -- A warrant was issued yesterday for a former Liberal riding association treasurer who failed to appear in St. Thomas court.

Suzan Pawlak, 49, is charged with 42 counts of fraud and issuing forged documents.


Discovery of the missing money prompted turmoil in the local association, especially after her new boss, David Pretlove, offered to cover the missing money if the matter was dropped.

42 counts of fraud... attempted cover-up... typical Librano shadiness...

Such is life for Liberals wandering in the political wilderness, where, hopefully they'll be forever lost!

And I share commentor Bruce Randall's call for an investigation into the missing 9 billion tax dollars which mysteriously vanished into the darkness of the hidden, unaccountable "foundations" the Liberals created and maintained during their punishing, and thankfully terminated, reign...

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