Friday, November 02, 2007

FIRE Scores Big Victory Against Campus Fascism

Story here. h/t: Alliance Defence Fund

This can be considered the beginning of a new Crusade of sorts.

No longer will Far Left fascists control the agenda, nor the future of America.

Because the People have begun to fight back. And win.

Americans are regaining, battle by battle, the liberties the Far Left took away from them.

From now on, the Far Left is going to be forced to adhere to the Constitution/Bill of Rights, or face the possibility (and high probability) of legal action to force them to respect Americans' rights, as opposed to restricting/denying them.

This has been a truly fantastic week for freedom on campus. Not only did the University of Delaware end its program of mandatory thought reform, but on Wednesday, a federal judge in California enjoined the enforcement of several unconstitutional speech codes at San Francisco State University (SFSU). The lawsuit—part of FIRE’s Speech Codes Litigation Project—was filed by the SFSU College Republicans this past July. Torch readers may recall that the SFSU College Republicans were dragged through a prolonged investigation and hearing simply for engaging in constitutionally protected expression. They brought suit both to challenge the university’s blatant violation of their rights and to challenge the numerous unconstitutional speech codes on the books at SFSU.