Thursday, November 22, 2007

Et Tu, Afghanistan?

This is surprising, considering all Canada has been doing for Afghanistan, all the Canadian blood spilled and lives sacrificed so that Afghans could be free of the tyranny of the Islamofascist Taliban. All the reconstruction we're doing for them. All the rights they've been enjoying because of Canada and other nations.

This is how they repay us?

Afghanistan effectively snubbed Canada in United Nations
votes affecting a Canadian-led censure of Iran's human rights

Canada had been desperate for support in the measure to
avoid international embarrassment, and Iran came within two votes of defeating
it in an initial round.

Afghanistan supported an Iranian bid to have the
Canadian-led censure thrown out, then voted against Canada's actual censure --
both against Canada's hopes.

One interpretation of Afghanistan's move will be that the
government of President Hamid Karzai cares more about its relations with Iran
than with Canada -- despite Canada's massive commitment to Afghan
reconstruction, and the cost in Canadian lives.

Makes one stop and think harder now.

Is Afghanistan with the Free World or is Afghanistan with Iran and supremacist-imperialist Islam?

I would hope that somehow Afghanistan is going to realize the folly of its misplaced loyalties.

This snub matters a lot to Canada.