Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shady Schreiber Gave Liberals $100,000 in 1993

Well, I saw that fact on Mike Duffy Live on CTV last night, repeated over and over...

And don't forget that the Liberals are banking on Schreiber's word, a word by a man who changed his story, who is wanted to face criminal charges in Germany. Not exactly a credible accuser, on whom they're betting the bankroll.

But this morning I don't see the headlines saying this. It appears to me that the MSM is trying to hide this fact from public consciousness.

But that Karlheinz Schreiber, the wanted-by-Germany-for-fraud accuser of Brian Mulroney figure at the core of the whole thing we're hearing about lately, gave $100,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada in 1993, followed by the Liberals' starting the whole "investigation" into allegations against Mulroney, allegations proven false in court, is a big deal and ought to be news for all Canadians to consider along with all other facts and allegations.

It seems to me that Schreiber is therefore tied that strongly to the Liberal government via a hundred thousand dollars, therefore the Liberals must be investigated as strongly as anyone else to determine whether they did anything criminal relating to the whole affair, in light of their acceptance of that incredible sum of partisan support from this shady figure who we KNOW, despite his claims otherwise, is really doing this crap right NOW so as to get out of having to return to Germany as early as today or tomorrow to go to court to face criminal charges.

Who believes that Karlheinz didn't save these newest allegations for right now so as to avoid extradition? Why did he wait all these years? Is he even telling the truth, or is he just making up bullshit like a typical Liberal?

I think it's going to blow up in the Liberals' face. Sure, it may impact today's Conservative government, a government who had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WHOLE THING, but it was the Liberals who were involved.

Besides, Mulroney did no wrong. He took no kickbacks re Airbus. Any allegations that he did are just that, and since they're being made so many years later, particularly on the eve of an extradition hearing, they must be taken by Canadians with a grain of salt.

Besides, why assume that Karlheinz is innocent and that everyone else is guilty? It's bizarre.

But the MSM will not play fair. They hate Brian Mulroney, they hate Conservatives, they hate Stephen Harper. They will use their learned tactics to tarnish the images of those they hate, for that's what they've always done.

And we'll be able to find out how much money the CBC spent specifically to go after Mr. Mulroney, thanks to the Conservatives' Federal Accountability Act.

Make no mistake, it's going to blow up in the Liberals' faces. They shouldn't have demanded the inquiry. They probably thought it wouldn't happen, I bet, and are now surprised as hell!

Gotta admit that Mulroney has bigger balls than anyone else. He wants a full inquiry... to prove he's innocent. He demanded it and he wants to kick ass like never before.

As Bugs Bunny says, I bet that for Mulroney, he'd also say to his political enemies, "Of course, you realize this means war."

Well, a lot of folks will want to watch the whole thing. Politics isn't always boring. Sometimes it's bloody.