Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sarkozy Stands Up for France

Story here. h/t: Bourque.org

Sarkozy was characteristically defiant as he broke what
had been an unusual silence during a week of transit strikes that have disrupted
travel across the country. He accused the strikers of holding commuters
"hostage" and called for them to return to work.

Turning to critics who hope he can be forced to back away
from deep economic, social and political changes for a country that has proved
difficult to reform, Sarkozy had a simple message: Forget it.

"France needs reforms to meet the challenges imposed on it
by the world," he said in a spirited speech to mayors. "These reforms have been
too long in coming. ... After so much hesitation, so much procrastination, so
many backward steps, we will not surrender and we will not retreat."

I like this guy Nicolas Sarkozy. He stands up to Islamofascists like Tareq Ramadan... and stands up to the Left, and he doesn't back down.

I think France is smartening up.

Already he's showing North American conservative politicians how to deal with the Left!

I predict that Sarkozy will ultimately be spoken of as the Ronald Reagan of France, the Margaret Thatcher of France, the Stephen Harper of France...