Thursday, November 15, 2007

Co-Ed Loos, Lockerrooms, Showers Coming to Maryland

It is the law now. We with functioning brains who know how these things work, how the Far Left turns laws to their advantage, turning society upside down, oppressing and tyrannizing all who don't agree with politically correct extremism, know what's going to happen because of this new law. It is a given, though right now Leftists will say we're just being "phobic" and "hateful" and that there's nothing to worry about, that "it will hurt no one"... classic Leftist dishonest intimidation campaign. How Machiavellian. Bill Clinton will approve.

But wait, there will be a court challenge to this new law. From concerned Americans standing up for their rights against this oppression and tyranny based on claims of nonexistent rights for an extraordinarily microscopic number of folks who are really selfish, perverted extremists and not weak, oppressed minorities who cannot help themselves.

Here's some problems with the law, what is going to happen, albeit perhaps not absolutely all the time everywhere, but it will happen, with the rights of the majority being violated:

"From what I'm reading, the person with the gender identity confusion is being protected by what she or he FEELS he or she is. Thus, we'd have to protect this person's gender based upon what is in his or her MIND. So, if I'm in a bathroom all by myself late at night, and a man walks in, I am supposed to be okay with this? If I'm at a pool, in a women's locker room, and a man walks in – I'm supposed to be okay with this? This is truly unbelievable, and I'm embarrassed that Montgomery County is even spending its time on this piece of nonsense," a resident, identified as "Lisa," wrote to her elected representative on the board.


"Any time politicians write a law that violates the rights of others by forcibly invading their privacy, and forcing faith-based organizations and small employers to hire cross-dressers is bad law," said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX.


"The female residents of Montgomery County clearly have a right of privacy that prohibits all persons of the opposite sex 'from using a restroom, locker room, or other similar facility designated for females'. It is ridiculous to place the desires of persons suffering from gender identity disorder in front of the constitutional rights and safety of 99 percent of the residents in Montgomery County,"


"The Montgomery County Council has voiced callousness and arrogance to the concerns of parents who object. When asked by a mother concerned about her 10-year-old daughter who swims at the Germantown Indoor Pool, where she must undress in front of women since there are no separate changing rooms, if under this law she could be changing next to a person with male genitals, Council member George Leventhal responded via email: 'I cannot absolutely put to rest your concern that girls might find themselves in a locker room or dressing room in the presence of a person who expresses or asserts herself as a woman but who still has male genitals, but based on my own sense of the prevalence of that condition in the population, I think the likelihood of that occurring is remote,'" PFOX said.

Remote likelihood or not, this violation of the rights of the majority cannot be justified by the Far Left in their campaign to legitimize what even the Far Left, extremist American Psychiatric Association deems a "treatable mental illness". Intelligent people know what's going on here: Far-Left radical extremism, an aggressive, combative Machiavellian campaign to force the radical ideology of an extreme few deluded individuals upon the vast majority of the population, with the goal of eliminating the rights of the majority and creating a new, superior class of a minuscule minority of extremists who can be helped for their mental disorder, even according to the American Psychiatric Association (although I expect the extremists to lobby the APA to declassify the particular mental disorder as it currently is classified, just as they succeeded in getting them to, based on ideology rather than on any science whatsoever, stop considering homosexuality as a treatable mental condition).

It will soon be before the courts. The Far Left no longer enjoys the freedom to force their extremist ideologies upon the People without opposition from the People in the form of counter-revolutionary organizations fully capable and prepared to fight these Far Left revolutionaries in the courts, both of law and of public opinion, of the land.

The tables have turned. From now on, it won't be easy to change society just because the Far Left wants to on behalf of its favored extremist groups.