Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More PC Insanity: Red & Green Lights Ban Proposed

Because they're too Christmassy!

A special task force in a Colorado city has recommended banning red and green lights at the Christmas holiday because they fall among the items that are too religious for the city to sponsor.

Huh? Red and green lights are religious? How so? In the crazed imagination of ultra-extreme Leftists?

What's the matter with those Christmasophobes? Look, we've always had Christmas. It's not hurting anyone. What's the harm? Come on, prove the harm, don't just claim that "some people will feel unvalued".

Besides, why do Leftists want to crack down on Christian things but we never see them complaining about the Islamic footbaths and public Islamic prayer areas popping up all over the place?

They're slowly eradicating Christianity in predominantly-and-historically-Christian nations while introducing Islam all over the place, with more mosques and Islamic fascism schools, including those that preach/teach Islamic supremacism and kuffarphobia... and even "jihad".

The Left is transforming the Free World in favor of the Islamic supremacist-imperialists.

They will deny it, but you can decide for yourself what the continuing and ultimate effects of this simultaneous shoving-aside of Christianity and introduction and infiltration of fundamentalist Islam will be.

Hmm... I wonder if that Christmasophobic Coloradan city hosts one of those sexual-extremist "pride" parades/events? I mean, it's strange and illogical to ban something that's always been around and has never harmed anyone, while promoting what ultimately amounts to potentially dangerous misuse of the body under the guise of "special relationships"? Interesting to consider the priorities and choices of governmental entities, isn't it? Can you say "corruption"?

Well, that's your food for thought for today, folks...