Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Manipulation Victim Spills The Beans On Hillary's Question-Planting

Story here. Read all about one way in which the Left, including the Clinton campaign, manipulates people to make Leftist politicians look good.
h/t: Drudge Report
Hillary got caught again. Wonder how Billy will help her weasel out of this one? I'm sure he'll come up with some real good bullshit. Or, in an attempt to distract attention from Hillary being caught with her pants down, maybe he'll bomb Osama's tent again. Or bomb Serbia. Or bomb Iraq. Oh, wait... he can't do that anymore... he's not President now, and I'm sure the Bushes are thankful for that, as replacing the carpet in the Oval Office was one heckuva headache, but they did have to get rid of the one with the suspicious stains on it as soon as they moved in, and one carpet replacement is enough...